Wireless Speakers For Boats

The 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for your Pontoon Boat

The Best Portable SpeakersMay 31, 2022
Options are plentiful and readily available for sound systems and audio devices for not just pontoon boats, but any kind of boat. Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat […]
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Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers: Bluetooth Marine Speakers

The Best Portable SpeakersMay 28, 2022
Boat wakeboard tower speakers that are fully wireless with Bluetooth connectivity are convenient and easy to install with no wires needed. Why would you waste time and money […]
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Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers: IP67 Easy Installs for PWC's

The Best Portable SpeakersMay 3, 2022
When spring is upon you, it’s more than likely that you'll want to bring your Jet Ski out of storage, dust it off and get it ready for […]
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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Kayaking: Kayak Top 5

The Best Portable SpeakersApr 14, 2022
Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. If you're looking for a way to make your kayaking experience […]
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Paddle Board Speaker for SUP | Top 5 for Paddle Boarding

The Best Portable SpeakersApr 14, 2022
Paddle boarding is a great summer activity to do with friends and family.  Not only is it a fun workout, but it's also a great way to explore […]
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JBL Boombox 2 vs Boombox here is the Differences

The Best Portable SpeakersMar 19, 2022
JBL has updated the JBL Boombox portable speaker with the release of the Boombox 2 edition added to their lineup. Countless questions are flying around and everyone wants […]
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Best Waterproof FM Radio for Kayaking | 5 Top Kayak Radios

The Best Portable SpeakersFeb 22, 2022
We have taken the effort out of researching for a portable waterproof FM radio for kayaking, and today we would like to present to you some good quality […]
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Best Bluetooth Speaker for Boats | Top 5 for Boat Waterproof

The Best Portable SpeakersJan 26, 2022
There is an abundance of waterproof speakers with great sound quality on the market that are also portable Bluetooth, but how do you choose a speaker that would […]
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Portable Bluetooth Boat Speaker FAQs for Marine Life

The Best Portable SpeakersMar 21, 2021
Here is a list of Bluetooth boat speaker FAQs that are often asked when people are looking for portable speakers for their boats. What are Bluetooth Portable Speakers […]
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Floating Pool Speakers with Lights for the Swimming Pool

The Best Portable SpeakersMar 13, 2021
There are two kinds of floating Bluetooth speakers. One is built to float if it accidentally ends up in the pool. Whereas the other is built to be […]
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XDOBO Bluetooth Speaker 60 Watts | Pure Portable Sound

The Best Portable SpeakersJan 29, 2021
Features of the XDOBO Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 5.0 - this version of Bluetooth is one of the most stable and fastest Bluetooth versions to date. It provides you […]
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