Using waterproof Bluetooth speakers that float can be convenient. Besides, it would take the worry away from losing your speaker if it falls into the pool, lake or sea.

We have put some information together that shows the advantages and some good uses for floating speakers.

In addition, we have outlined some choices and ideas of some great wireless speakers that float.

Thus, you can gain some extra knowledge in your quest for a wireless waterproof speaker that floats.

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Like most people out there, you probably like listening to music when you are doing laps in the pool or just want a bit of music while relaxing by or in the pool.

In saying that, you would most likely be looking for a waterproof speaker to do this. That being the case, the wireless Bluetooth speaker would need to have an IPX6 or IPX7 waterproof rating, that way if it’s submerged, it is protected.

There is a chart here if you would like a more in-depth view of the waterproof ratings and what they cover. Check it out.

The convenience of Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers that Float

Moving on, a floating waterproof wireless speaker is going to be your best option wherever water is concerned. That way, you can also have it floating in the pool right next to you making it convenient to access.

You can, of course, use these speakers at the lake or at the beach or anywhere else, you want music or sound. These speakers are fully portable, just like any other wireless speakers. They connect to any Bluetooth device, giving you the convenience of audio anywhere you go.

Most likely, when looking for a portable wireless speaker, it is a good idea to look for one that floats and is waterproof that way you can use it anywhere.

Can Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Float?

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can float, as long as you purchase the correct one. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there that are waterproof but do not float.

While these might be great to use outdoors near water or in wet conditions, they will not be of any use in the water. Even if you drop them in the pool by accident, they will head straight to the bottom of the pool like a rock.

Lastly, just be careful when purchasing your wireless speaker and make sure the manufacturer specifies that it floats.

There is a great range of floating speakers out there to choose from. So, above all, it should not be too hard to find a quality portable waterproof speaker that floats.

How do Floating Speakers work?

Here we will give you an insight into floating speakers and how they work. First off, there are two kinds of floating speakers.

Even though it is not really relevant here, we will explain both to give a basic understanding of what they are and how they work.

How do Floating Speakers float in the pool?

A floating portable wireless speaker works just like any other Bluetooth speaker, the only difference here is that it can float on water. Also, being that, if it floats on water, it should, therefore, be waterproof too. 

One way the speaker could float would be if it is attached to a floating raft or a flotie that is molded to the size of the speaker.

This kind of floating speaker is great for calm water, but won’t hold up well, if you make a lot of waves. A way around this would be to make sure that your Bluetooth speaker is attached to a raft or a floatie.

The other option could be, a wireless speaker that does not need a floatie or a raft. What we mean here is, a speaker that has the floatie built-in. Therefore, giving you a worry-free waterproof Bluetooth speaker that will float without having to worry about any floaties or other attachments.

What is a Floatie Bluetooth Speaker?

Ever remember trying to learn to swim as a child? Probably not. Anyway, if you do, you may remember having blow-up floating devices attached to your arms. That is what floaties are.

Some Bluetooth wireless speakers have floaties that they float on. Generally, however, not always, they are made to the shape of the speaker allowing the Bluetooth speaker to balance and float evenly.

This isn’t a bad idea to let your speaker float, as long as the water in the pool is calm.

How do Floating Speakers pivot?

Just a brief explanation of these speakers, as it is a little off-topic for this article. Basically, there are two pieces to this speaker. The speaker, which is round and has a magnet inside, and the base, which is called a levitator, as this is what the speak floats on.

Also, the base has magnets inside of it as well.

So, power is used to control the strength of the magnets, in return making the wireless speaker float.

Can Outdoor Speakers get Wet?

Referring back to earlier in this article, to Waterproof Ratings explained for Wireless Speakers including ones that Float.

As long as the outdoor speaker has a waterproof rating that specifies the level of protection which includes the rain or whatever moisture it is going to be exposed to, it should be fine.

Furthermore, there are so many outdoor speakers out there to choose from and an almost unlimited amount of uses.

Therefore, our advice in this instance is, to look for an outdoor or wireless speaker that is suitable for the kind of wet conditions that it is going to be exposed to. The better the waterproof rating, the more water it will withstand.

Lastly, to answer the question directly here. Yes, outdoor speakers can get wet, if they have the appropriate waterproofing that is required for their use. So, make sure you choose the best speaker for the job.

Is it Possible for Waterproof Speakers to go Underwater and Still Float?

All waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be submerged in water and will survive, as long as they do not exceed their respective waterproof rating for depth and exposure time to water.

In saying that, if you have just a water-resistant speaker, it is most likely not going to like or possibly survive a plunge into the water.

Moreover, if you have a waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker that does not float, it is going to sink to the bottom of whatever water it is in.

That being said, if you are able to retrieve it and it has not exceeded its waterproof rating, then your non-floatable wireless speaker should be fine.

Finally, if you have a floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker that floats, of course, it is still going to float. If you dunk it underwater and let it go, it is going to head straight back to the top, where it belongs.

It will carry on, just as it was before, as if nothing had ever happened.

Does JBL make a Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, JBL has a great range of portable speakers, some are waterproof and some do float.

Are their speakers made to float around in the pool or are they just waterproof so that if there is an accidental knock they are protected?

Most likely their speakers are waterproof so that if they are knocked into the water at least it will not ruin your Bluetooth speaker.

That being said, all of their newest speakers come with an IPX7 rating.

If you are looking for a great portable speaker, then JBL will be able to accommodate with some great options.

If, however, you are looking for waterproof Bluetooth speakers that float in the pool to listen to music, there are better options.

Does Altec Lansing make a Floating Waterproof Speaker?

Altec Lansing has an excellent selection of portable speakers for you to choose from.

There is a good range of waterproof floating speakers, for you to choose from depending on your budget. And, of course, they have their everything proof range and more.

Altec Lansing is quite an underrated brand that delivers some quality portable speakers.

If you are looking for a waterproof speaker that floats, these guys will definitely have some good options for you to look at.

They also make some great shaped speakers that will float easily in your pool.

Does Ecoxgear have Wireless Speakers that Float and is it Waterproof?

Ecoxgear definitely has waterproof Bluetooth speakers that float. They even have portable Boomboxes that float.

As far as multipurpose speakers go, you will be pretty impressed with this brand.

They have some good options for some sound quality waterproof portable wireless speakers that will float.


However, there are plenty of other Bluetooth Boomboxes out there, that may serve the purpose.

In this instance, though, we have gone with a Boombox from Exogear.

As you will see from the video below, it is a top performer in the area of floating Boomboxes.

Obviously, if a wireless boombox can survive treatment like that, it is going to be a great performer for domestic everyday use.

Looking for a Floating Boombox?

Are you looking for a floating wireless boombox for your swimming pool and wondering, if they do exist? The answer to your question is yes.

Yes, you can buy a floating boombox that is fully wireless and as well as that it floats. Of course, they come in all kinds of great shapes and sizes.

Again, if you for whatever reason want a floating boombox, make sure, the floating boomboxes construction allows for it to have good buoyancy giving it the ability to float well.

If you take this into account, then you will own a wireless floating boombox that will produce great sound. Also, it will float in the pool for you if required.

What are the best floating speakers for pools?

When you are looking for waterproof speakers for your pool, you, of course, want to make sure, it floats. That is, what has brought you to this article.

There are a few other things you should look for when purchasing floating speakers for pools. If you want to hear the music that the waterproof speaker is going to make, while it is floating around your swimming pool or spa, for that matter.

For best results, you would want to ensure that the speakers, where the bulk of the sound is coming from, are above the water line most of the time. So, when you’re looking at portable speakers, look for shapes that are going to achieve that.

For example, a cylinder type speaker that might be waterproof and works great outdoors or at the beach, may not sound so great when it is rolling around in the water.

Whereas, a Bluetooth speaker that has a more rectangular or hexagonal shape will float substantially better. Thus giving you a sturdy floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker. At last, a speaker with a little bit of weight may be of an advantage as well.

Soul Nation S-Storm Waterproof Wireless Speaker that Floats

Soul Nation has a cool little Bluetooth speaker called the S-Storm. This little speaker with a diameter of about 4 inches packs a punch.

If you are looking for a wireless floating speaker that will keep the sound going, this one could be well worth it.

All the operating buttons are built-in and it has an optimum Bluetooth range. In addition, the battery life is acceptable with up to 20 hours of playtime before needing to charge.

As always, the battery life depends on the volume, at which the speaker is used.

Awesome Waterproof Speakers and Boomboxes that Float

Here, we have put together a chart of some pretty awesome waterproof speakers that float. There is a Bluetooth wireless Boombox that floats too.

We are sure, you will find one that suits your requirements best here.

Comparison Chart of Waterproof Speakers and Boomboxes that Float

The Best Waterproof Speakers that Float

In conclusion, we would just like to add, that with all this knowledge now at your fingertips, you can find a good quality portable speaker that floats.

One, that can float in the pool successfully and fits all your requirements.

Again, feel free to check out the speakers, we have put together here and pick the one that suits you.

Lastly as always thanks for reading and checking out our other informative content.

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