The Loud Wireless Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker that's Waterproof Review

By The Best Portable SpeakersMay 27, 2020

Here’s a portable Bluetooth speaker that is not only made by a quality brand, but it’s also backed up with clarity and volume.

If you want a portable speaker that is loud, then this one is surely worth checking out.

It’s going to impress and it has a reasonable price tag to go with it.

Aomais Go Bluetooth Speaker

The Aomais Go Speaker’s Shape and Style Review

Built into a rounded rectangular shape, the Aomais Go portable speaker looks sleek and modern with three cool colors to choose from. The speaker is stylish, no matter what color you will choose: red, blue, or black.

Carrying this wireless speaker is a breeze with its built-in carry handle, which adds to its fashionable looks. Weighing in at just over 4 pounds, this Bluetooth speaker has the feel of strength, while still being light enough to transport, when you're out and about.

Buttons across the front give you full control at any time if you need to pause or change the music.
Made out of materials, which will stand the test of time as well as protect against water, when required.

Loudness and Clarity of this Portable Rockstar

Loudness and clarity have been tested and presented to be a clear standout of this Bluetooth speaker. The speaker has been built with a full volume level that is physically achievable.

When used at full volume this portable speaker will pump out the bass along with nothing more than crystal clear sound, providing a pleasant and exhilarating user experience.

This Bluetooth speaker has dual 15 watt, dual-range speakers and two passive radiators that have been perfectly tuned to prevent any distortion, no matter what volume the speaker plays at.

The end result is an exceptional user experience regardless of the volume you like to play your music at.

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  1. With a dual-channel to give you deep bass
  2. Power output 2 X 15W, giving a total of 30W
  3. Clear Bluetooth connection with TWS (True Wireless Stereo)
A break with the aomais go portable speaker

TWS gives you that superior stereo sound you are used to from conventional sound systems. The only difference here is that there are no wires to get in the way. Just tiptop stereo sound from your Bluetooth wireless speaker!

How Loud is the Aomais Go?

The Go is loud with 97db of sound to rock that pool party and keep the sounds playing. The decibels this Bluetooth speaker puts out are very respectable given its size, power, and price tag. So, yes, it's loud for what it is.

There is also the super bass, which booms as well, with harmonic distortion that's less than 1%.

Here are some Overwhelming Features

  • A big battery that provides 40hrs of playtime
  • Can be charged in a short amount of time
  • Has a microphone built-in for hands-free calling
  • Fully waterproof with an IPX7 certification
  • Convenient and easy to use control panel

A Top Audio Unit for all Occasions

If you're on the hunt for a portable speaker for the pool, beach, a small party, the skate park, or just for at home, then this one could well be the Bluetooth speaker for you.

Being that the Aomais Go is built light and is fairly compact, it makes it an obvious choice to take camping or on any little excursion that you may want some music. It even has a built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry.

This Wireless Speaker is Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use

This is a portable speaker that has been built to withstand all conditions. Perfect for use indoors to fill a room with flawless stereo sound. Just as equally, this speaker will also make the perfect outdoors sound system as well.

If you want to take it out by the pool or even to the beach this speaker is able to accommodate. Either way, you'll have a brilliant Bluetooth sound system to pump out those relaxing tunes, while you relax and enjoy your time in the sun.

Can the Speaker get Wet?

The reason it is ok to take this wireless speaker to the beach, the lake, or even the pool at home, is its IPX7 rating. Having an IPX7 waterproof rating means that if the speaker gets wet or ends up completely submerged in the water, it will survive.

The manufacturer specifies that the speaker is also dust protected and should not get any dust or grit inside that can damage it. That being said, an IPX7 rating only specifies that the speaker is waterproof and that it hasn't been tested for dust proofing. Nevertheless, it may well be, looking at the number of happy customers.

If you would like to know more about IPX ratings we have an informative article on it here. This article is specific to Bluetooth speakers and earbuds.

Additional Information About the Aomais Go

You get plenty of awesome features when you purchase the Aomais Go. Not only is this speaker a top-performing waterproof speaker that's loud enough to hear, but it can also be used for hands-free calling.

With Bluetooth 4.2 it can be connected to just about any device from an iPhone to a laptop or even a TV and more.

This portable speaker is equipped with buttons on the front for easily powering it up, adjusting the volume, and playing your music.

Battery Life and Charging Capabilities

Perfect for a weekend away camping, the speaker provides a massive 40 hours of playtime of a single charge.

Of course, playtime always varies, as it depends on what volume the Bluetooth speaker is played at. Even when the Aomais go does finally go flat, it is simple to charge again with the USB charging cable that is supplied with it.

Once plugged in, charging of the 8800mAh should be done within 4 hours at the most, thus, giving you a full charge, so your wireless speaker is ready for your next big adventure.

If needed, for any of your devices that may need a quick charge to power them back up from being flat, the Aomais Go doubles as a power bank. Certainly, if you do use it to charge your flat phone, the playtime of the portable speaker will be reduced.

However, this is always a life-saving idea, if you get caught out with a flat phone, especially when you are out in the wilderness and there is an emergency.

Is there Firmware for this Bluetooth Speaker?

No need to worry about how firmware updates are installed with this unit as there are none to do. How the device is shipped is how it stays giving more free time to enjoy the music.

Less software, which in return most often means fewer problems for the user.

Pairing two or More Units Together for More Sound

A feature that’s gained more popularity for different users is being able to pair two or more Bluetooth speakers together for added sound or to create a surround sound effect.
With the Aomais Go this is possible for these reasons.

It is possible to pair 2 of these portable Bluetooth speakers together, which would bring more sound to the party. Paired speakers would give you a massive 60 watts of sound to wake the party up. This makes them perfect to use in so many different scenarios to create more sound.

Also a great dual device option for the price. You can increase the volume without the excessive price tag.

Device Carrying Capabilities

Plenty of capability with the stylish built-in handle, which is part of the Aomais Go Bluetooth speaker. The shape of the wireless speakers makes it big enough to give you enjoyable sound, while still being small enough to be convenient to carry or transport in a backpack.

With dimensions of 13.94” in length, a width of 3.94” and a height of 6.69” it’s not an oversized big device that would pose a problem to carry.

This makes the Aomais Go Bluetooth speakers a versatile compact unit that can go camping, to the beach, or even be the center of a party.

Are Aomais Speakers Good?

If you're looking for a portable unit built by a good brand, then the Aomais Go is a good Bluetooth speaker, and the reviews that are out there, for sure, back it up.

If you look at a review of the Aomais Go, you will find that like most products, there is always something that can be done better. However, we’d suggest you check out the customer reviews for yourself, which there is an overwhelming amount of on Aomais products. Looking at the pros and cons of the

Aomais Go Bluetooth speaker, we would have to say, based on user reviews the pros far outweigh the cons. So, this brings us to the question, are Aomais Go speakers good? The answer is that they are outstanding Bluetooth speakers that perform very well in a competitive market.

If you happen to choose the Aomais Go or any other Aomais Bluetooth speakers, you will end up with a fantastic product, we believe.

Life with an Aomais Go at Your Side

With an Aomais Go, one of many advantages alone is battery life. If you use your portable speaker on one day and forget to charge it, you will most likely have enough power to get through the next day. This is achieved with the whopping 40hrs of playtime this wireless speaker provides.

If you're looking for a wireless device that's going to go the distance, the Aomais Go will provide this for you.

It's a modern, versatile and quality built Bluetooth speaker with all the features one would require from a portable speaker and more.

Grab yours today, and you'll be enjoying your music anywhere you go.

Aomais Go enjoy the part with this Bluetooth speaker
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