The 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for your Pontoon Boat

By The Best Portable SpeakersMay 26, 2020

Options are plentiful and readily available for sound systems and audio devices for not just pontoon boats but any kind of boat.

Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat are a fantastic and quick way of getting an almost instant audio sound system set up on your pontoon.

Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat

Depending on the type of pontoon boat you have, the boat may have a hardwired stereo system installed or there may be an option to do so. However, if you're looking for a more temporary or uncomplicated flexible option, then Bluetooth speakers may be an appropriate option.

Bluetooth speakers are portable, which means they will also allow you to take them off the pontoon boat and use them anywhere else you want.

Bluetooth Speakers are Impressive when used Correctly on a Pontoon Boat

Set up correctly, Bluetooth speakers make an outstanding addition to Pontoon boats. And, there are plenty of different portable and wireless speakers to choose from.

When making your decision on which sound system you are going to use, make sure to look for waterproof Bluetooth speakers as well as ones that are going to have long battery life. The amount of time you will be out boating on the water is going to determine how long the portable Bluetooth speakers are going to need to last.

It’s not too hard to find ones that will exceed 8 hours of playtime and others that will last much longer. You will be able to enjoy your fishing while enjoying your portable sound system.

Having two or more wireless Bluetooth speakers that easily pair together will also help give a louder sound as well as a fuller sound experience. Placement and the way they are secured is the key, so take that into account when choosing your portable sound system.

Hardwire Installs versus Bluetooth Speakers for your Pontoon Boat

What is best for a sound system on a pontoon boat? This would be most likely one of the first questions you are going to ask yourself. If you're reading this article, then we are guessing, you are most definitely more interested in the Bluetooth speaker route.

Although Bluetooth speakers may be a superior option when getting audio onto your pontoon boat as quickly as possible, it still comes down to personal preference and what is already set up on the pontoon boat.

If the boat has got a hardwired audio system with all the wiring fitted, then maybe it can be adjusted or upgraded as needed.

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pontoon boat cruising with the best Bluetooth speakers

If you have a basic pontoon boat that hasn’t had any installation done, then Bluetooth speakers or even wakeboard Bluetooth speakers may be excellent options to check out.

Wakeboard speakers in particular will act well as rail speakers on your pontoon.

Best Bluetooth Sound System Choices for a Pontoon Boat

Again, the choices are huge, but it comes down to wired or wireless. If you go with portable Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat or any marine environment, then you are not going to need wires or worry about wiring options and installations.

The biggest worry is going to be finding a spot on your pontoon boat for your Bluetooth speakers and attaching them, which really isn't that difficult.

There are many different mounting options as well as boombox-style speakers, which can go on the floor and are going to be one of the better options, but it certainly isn’t the only option available. That being said, portable Bluetooth speakers are a top-notch way of getting a sound system going on your pontoon boat for a marine environment.

Just remember, if you want it to be loud and have lots of bass that will be heard, there are plenty of wireless Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat, which can run in tandem.

If that's still not enough for you, then you can always pair multiple portable speakers together to achieve even more volume or even a 360 degrees sound effect.

Still, want the radio as an option too? There are Bluetooth speakers that come with an in-built AM/FM tuner as well, which will allow you to tune into your favorite local radio station if desired.

Where to Install Bluetooth Speakers on your Pontoon Boat

This is always something to think about. Now, that you have decided, which Bluetooth speakers you want, it’s time to figure out where to put your Bluetooth speakers on your pontoon boat.

There’s plenty of choices, when it comes to attaching them from using simple cup holders, to wakeboard Bluetooth speakers or if you have gone the route of boomboxes, they have to be secured somewhere down low and out of the way.

Just be sure to attach your speakers in such a way that they don’t end up going overboard.

In saying that, if you have the right Bluetooth speaker it will float if the speaker does end up in the drink.

Relaxing on a pontoon boat with 5 of the best bluetooth speakers

Here are 5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers that are Superior on the Water

There is a multitude of fantastic Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat among other uses. All of these speakers are, of course, waterproof.

Although we have lots of different wireless speakers that you may prefer for your pontoon boat, we have put together just these five Bluetooth speakers, which will suit the pontoon well.

1. Fully Wireless Wakeboard Tower Speakers with Bluetooth

Tower Bluetooth speakers for a wakeboard tower are a fantastic choice for a pontoon boat if you decide to go this way. They can clip onto the rail bars just like a wakeboard allowing you to place them wherever you want.

Another reason these kinds of portable speakers are an exceptional option is, you can take them off and put them away for added security and protection from the weather, which is going to add to their life. Of course, they are waterproof anyway, in case you choose to leave them on the boat.

There are 2 different wakeboard Bluetooth speakers to choose from, each is a different color and has slightly different wattage. It all comes down to what your personal preferences and needs are, as to which one of these two you are going to purchase.

If you want to know more about these Bluetooth speakers and wakeboard speakers in general, be sure to head over to our article Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers Fully Wireless, and most if not all your questions will be answered.

  • Wire-free
  • Easy to install
  • 350 watts of power
  • Battery's rechargeable
  • Durable and built to last
  • 6 hours of playtime
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Two 6.5" speakers

2. JBL Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Flip 5 portable Bluetooth speaker is one of JBL’s newer speakers in their lineup. This portable speaker is going to easily fit into any cylinder drink holder, making it a convenient and quick way of getting some music playing on your pontoon boat.

Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker is one of the most versatile and convenient ways to enjoy audio on your pontoon boat without having to go to too much trouble setting it up or any kind of installation.

With a brand like JBL you know, it is going to stand the test of time as well. The speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which is perfect for this kind of environment.

The battery power is going to keep the music pumping for 12 hours from the 3000 mAh battery that is inside this fantastic Bluetooth Speaker.

  • Hard carry case included
  • IPX7 waterproof speaker
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • Party anywhere
  • Built tough
  • Pair 2 or more with party boost
  • Lightweight portable speaker
  • JBL quality

3. Megaboom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Another tube-like speaker by a company called Ultimate Ears that of late has become one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers that are available.

First off, this is one of very few speakers that have an IP67 rating, which means that it has been tested and passed for dust as well as waterproof protection. Just like a lot of other wireless speakers, this one has the ability to also pair 2 or more Megabooms together giving added volume.

Now, this gives you the option to have multiple Bluetooth speakers for your pontoon boat without any wiring at all. An ability to have two source devices connected at once allows you to play music from 2 locations, if desired, for example when friends bring music with them as well.

There are many more features, which stand out for this speaker, so if you're interested in this one, head over to its product page where you'll see all it has and what it can do.

  • True loudness
  • 360 degree sound
  • Dust and water protected IP67
  • Party up connect multiple speakers
  • It has a magic button
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Has an app
  • Customizable EQ

4. ECOXGEAR Portable Bluetooth Boombox

A portable boombox Bluetooth sound system is what this speaker is. It has an AM/FM tuner if you're looking for something that is going to provide the radio for you when you're out boating on the water. This speaker is fully waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 dust and water protection certification.

It’s a boombox that floats as well, just in case for whatever reason it ends up in the sea.

It is possible to pair two of these exceptional portable boomboxes together for an even louder experience.

Played at a lower volume, the battery will last a whopping 50 hours, and even at full volume it's going to keep playing the tunes for at least 10 hours. Keeping any day enjoyable with whatever you may want to listen to.

There are lots of other features that come with the ECOXGEAR boombox as well, e.g. a screen that shows battery usage and station presets for the radio. It is surrounded by a whole control panel, which keeps you in full control.

  • 100% waterproof and dustproof
  • 100 watts at max output
  • ECOCONNECT compatible
  • Connect to Siri or Ok Google
  • Tune the audio output
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty
  • Up to 50+ hours of playtime
  • User adjustable EQ with 5 different presets

5. JBL Portable Bluetooth Boombox

Hard-hitting base and clear loud sound are what you'll achieve with the JBL Boombox. It’s a quality take anywhere waterproof boombox. With an IPX7 waterproof certification this speaker is well protected.

The battery on this boombox is 20,000mAh that gives you 24 hours of playtime, which will keep the music playing for an entire fishing trip or a day out boating on the water. The JBL Boombox will also allow you to charge devices if needed. Even if your phone needs a quick charge, then this speaker will help you out too.

Just like a lot of other Bluetooth speakers, you can pair these together to give you even more sound, in case you're looking for an even louder experience.

  • Hardshell storage case
  • 24 hours of playtime
  • Massive sound
  • It has an indoor/outdoor mode
  • Connect two phones at once
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Has an option to be a power bank
  • Ultimate party speaker

Keep it Simple with Bluetooth Speakers and Spend More Time Enjoying your Pontoon

If simply enjoying more time on the deck of your pontoon, relaxing and taking it easy is your end goal, then portable Bluetooth speakers may be a brilliant way of getting you there sooner. Sometimes, things are better done in a simple way to achieve the best results.

Sure, a full install of a sound system that is hardwired may suit particular pontoons, however, this is not always the case. Although using portable speakers may save you a lot of hard work, it is not always going to be the best way in all circumstances.

At least, if you have a sound system that is portable, you can take it with you onto the beach when you pull up to relax. Or, even when you're not using your pontoon, you still have great portable speakers, which you can remove for security and use at home to still enjoy your music.

Fixed audio systems are just that, fixed. Therefore, if you spend thousands of dollars on an audio system for the pontoon that is only able to be enjoyed when you're using the boat.

The rest of the time it’s just sitting idle, aging as well as devaluing.

Whatever your decision may be, there are pluses and minuses to each option.

Bluetooth speakers are just another option that can be considered.

5 best pontoon boat Bluetooth speakers
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