A modern funky looking Bluetooth speaker that can charge via its very own solar panel. This is a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker by ECOXGEAR that can be used anywhere.

This is a Bluetooth speaker that’s going to give you a great amount of playtime plus being able to charge it with solar panel power is going to give you even more playtime.

Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

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Not the largest speaker by any means, the ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker has a length of 6.1“ x 5“ wide and a depth of 3.1 inches. So, that being said, it’s of a versatile size, which is always handy for outdoor excursions.

Even if you were going camping and you have various amounts of things that you need to take with you, the portable speaker won’t take up too much room.

The speaker itself has a reasonably tough-looking case in which the speakers are encased. Across the top of the Bluetooth speaker, you will find a solar panel and, also, all the usual buttons to control the device.

Towards the back of the SolJam solar-powered portable speaker is a rubber plug that covers all the access points for plugging in and charging devices or charging the Bluetooth speaker itself.

Looking across the front of the device you will see a slick-looking grill, which houses the speakers. Also, across both rear corners are moldings, which a lanyard or other kind of strap could be attached to, if needed, to secure the Bluetooth speaker.

How the ECOXGEAR SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker Works

As the SolJam wireless speaker has a solar panel installed, it will charge your Bluetooth speaker via sunlight. There are a number of obstacles, which must be overcome when charging this way.

You will find the Bluetooth speaker will charge under a number of different conditions, however, to get a maximum charging ability of about 350 mA (milliamps) you would need good sunny conditions. 

The ideal situation for charging is a clear cloudless sky, and the best charging performance would be achieved during the middle of the day.

So, that being said, if you are playing the wireless speaker at full sound capacity then it should replace the same amount of power that it is losing. Based on statistics supplied by the manufacturer ECOXGEAR, the SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker will consume around 300 to 400 mA when being played at its maximum volume.

That is how your ECOXGEAR SolJam Bluetooth speaker functions when charging from a solar panel. This will work quite well to give you extended playing time when you are away from your home or out in the country somewhere, where electricity is not readily available.

There is, however, also supplied with the ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker means for you to be able to charge it from a PowerPoint or computer.
To sum up, on how this Bluetooth speaker works, you will find it is much like any other wireless speaker, in the way in which it operates. The only noticeable difference is that it can also be charged via solar power.

With an ECOXGEAR SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker, you can Save the Environment and Save Costs!

Anything that has a solar panel for charging or using electricity is going to save you money. No matter how big or small the saving is, it is always cashback in your pocket.

The added value here is also, you are, even though it may be quite small, still saving the environment in addition to saving your money.

Any time you can charge something via solar, it’s always going to be less pressure on the electricity grid.

How do I charge a SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker?

Your ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, which, of course, is built into the device. Means of charging are as follows.

Certainly, you have the option of charging via the solar panel, but if conditions do not meet the need required, you can still charge your device via a micro USB charge Jack or USB type A device charge jack.

A full charge of the device charging at full capacity from any of the specified ways can be achieved in approximately 3 hours. If you are using your device around a mid-volume level, you can expect to get around 12 hours of playtime from this Bluetooth speaker.

Are Solar-Powered Banks Worth It?

Why wouldn’t a solar-powered bank be worth it? Any form of charging, that’s free and if it can give you a reasonable amount of power, has got to be worth it.

That’s why, when you purchase an ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, you will also have the option to use it as a power bank to charge your mobile devices or phones.

ecoxgear soljam solar powered bluetooth speaker

Furthermore, you will find that ECOXGEAR also sells a solar panel power bank accessory, which could quite possibly give you a little bit extra power for you to use, when you are off the grid.

ECOXGEAR HD Solar Panel and Power Bank

Here are the features of the ECOXGEAR solar panel and power bank accessory pack if you are interested in looking at purchasing one.

  • Mesh storage pouch for the device
  • A built-in battery with 2600 mAh
  • Supplied with 2 3watt panels
  • Dustproof and waterproof with an IPX67 rating
  • A USB charging port 5V, 1Amp
  • Submersible and also shock-resistant

The ECOXGEAR SolJam Bluetooth Speaker is also a Powerbank

Like we mentioned earlier, the ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker can also be used as a power bank.

It will charge a wide range of mobile devices and smartphones.

Just remember, though, when charging a mobile device from the Bluetooth speaker, it will charge at a high rate, meaning in return the SolJams Bluetooth speaker battery will be depleted faster.

That being said, the option of picking up an ECOXGEAR HD solar panel and power bank as well may not be such a bad idea.

Is the SolJam a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, you can rest assured that your ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker is well protected against water or being submerged underwater.

The speaker is rated as waterproof and up to 3 feet of water, so you can be certain the speaker will be protected when in or near the water.

Does the SolJam Float in Water?

Nothing worse than losing a Bluetooth speaker in the drink and on top of that, seeing it sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Luckily, ECOXGEAR has made the SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker floatable.

Just remember, though, when using this wireless speaker near or in water, you should always make sure that the charging cap on the back of the speaker is securely closed.

The speaker will then float for as long as you want.

Some of the Technical Specifications

  • Solar panel for charging anywhere
  • Fantastic 3-year warranty
  • 12 hours of playtime from the rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth that allows you to stream up to 100 feet away
  • To 10W speakers for great sound
  • A large piece of the subwoofer

Is the ECOXGEAR SolJam the Best Solar-Powered Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

The ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker is probably one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market when compared to other speakers. For the price, you are receiving a fairly well-built and modern-looking wireless speaker.

Not to mention, you are getting a speaker that is also capable of charging from solar-powered for the same price you would normally pay for a standard Bluetooth speaker.

In addition to the above, the SolJam Bluetooth speaker has almost the same if not more features, than a conventional

Bluetooth speaker. The only other thing that is left to mention here, is the three-year warranty that ECOXGEAR supply with the SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker. Generally speaking, a warranty of this length is unheard-of with a product like this.

Where are ECOXGEAR SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakers Able to Be Used

This Bluetooth speaker can pretty much be used anywhere you would want to play music or listen to something. It’s such a versatile, well-built speaker and also, being waterproof, allows you to take it to even more places.

So, it doesn’t matter, if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker to have around the home or around the pool, take to the beach or for any other excursions that you may want to go on. This Bluetooth speaker is going to be more than capable of servicing the purpose.

Is the ECOXGEAR SolJam a Good Bluetooth speaker for a boat?

It’s going to be a fantastic Bluetooth speaker for any kind of boat and being that it is solar, it’s not going to put any strain on your batteries while you’re out at sea.

Now, it would be a good time to mention as well the accessories that can be purchased separately for this, as they could be quite handy in securing the speaker on your boat.


ecoxgear soljam solar speaker power bank

ECOXGEAR sells three different kinds of mounts for these Bluetooth speakers. One is, what they call a handlebar mount, which can be used for bicycles but can also be used to attach the speaker to any other bars that are of a similar size. For example, this mount could attach the SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker to a wakeboard tower, if so desired.

The other two mounts are suction-cup mounts: one regular size or if you wish so, there is a larger suction-cup mount option. These, also, could be quite handy in attaching a speaker on a boat as well as being handy for many other scenarios, such as attaching the Bluetooth speaker in the shower among other places.

Looking for Camping Speakers?

If you’re going camping and looking for camping speakers then the ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker is definitely going to tick all the boxes for this.

It’s a well-built, all-terrain Bluetooth speaker with the added extra of being able to charge via its built-in solar panel.

Moreover, the fact that the Bluetooth speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating is an added bonus for camping. If you’re near a lake, no problem, you can take your SolJam Bluetooth speaker with you and know that it will be safe.

These are the two standout options that this Bluetooth speaker has. Being able to charge off the grid and being waterproof as well as, we are sure, you can see if you have read this far in this article, there are many more reasons why this one makes a fantastic camping speaker. 

ECOXGEAR SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker vs. a Conventional Bluetooth Speaker

Depending on what you are looking for and what your requirements are for the cost, if you have to choose between a conventional Bluetooth speaker and a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, there’s only one way to go.

Providing the solar-powered Bluetooth speaker has everything you need or want for the cost, why wouldn’t you go for the solar-powered Bluetooth speaker with the solar panel that’s built-in. It allows you to charge on the go and it’s gonna save you charging time later when you’re back at home.

The ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker has an edge on conventional Bluetooth speakers, especially when you’re going to use it out in the world and off the grid. You don’t have to worry about your Bluetooth speaker going flat and how you are going to recharge it.

This is one thing, you’re definitely not going to be able to do with a conventional Bluetooth speaker.

Why Choose the ECOXGEAR SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker?

Well, if you’re looking for a solar-panel-powered Bluetooth speaker to take away on holiday with you, we would recommend that you definitely consider this speaker.

The ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker has to be one of the most competitive well-built Bluetooth speakers in the solar-panel-powered range.


As you can see, it is great value for money, costing around the same price as conventional Bluetooth speakers, giving you the added bonus of solar-powered to recharge your Bluetooth speaker as well as powering your devices while you’re away from the grid.

And again, considering it comes with a 3-year warranty and being waterproof, you really can’t go wrong with this product.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your new ECOXGEAR SolJam solar-powered Bluetooth speaker and your adventures!

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