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Wow World of Watersports Wow-Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Omnidirectional - for 360º of powerful WOW Sound and 360º of white LED light in the night. Sound and light in all directions while floating in the pool.

50+ hours of playback - will let you play your tunes the entire weekend away without worrying about charging it. Ours of fun in the pool.

Bring your music anywhere you like - being light-weight and having a carry handle makes it easy to transport. It floats when in water. Its stemmed bottom part will fit easily into any cup holder. Simply convenient! Price: $149.99 (as of 03/13/2022 07:09 PST- Details)

Here are the Features of the WOW-SOUND Floating Speaker from WOW World of Watersports

This WOW-SOUND floating speaker is loaded with features. The speaker is your ultimate companion for amazing fun while anywhere including the pool. It’s portable, so you don’t have to buy a separate speaker for use at home. Bring it to play your favorite tunes in the kitchen while cooking dinner or in the bathroom while taking a shower. Use it in the backyard while watering your garden, take it with you on a camping trip for non-stop music.

Listen to your favorite audiobooks while engaging your hands with other activities. For a romantic ambiance turn its LED lights on low brightness when the sun goes down. In any case, the amazing WOW-SOUND floating speaker with impressively deep bass!

Wireless and Multi-Speaker Connectable

With Bluetooth, you can literally pair and wirelessly play your audio from an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android device, and other Bluetooth mobile devices. You can connect this speaker to other WOW-SOUND speakers for more surround sound and a greater party experience.

Loud Highs and Rich Deep Lows

Four 2-inch active Hi-Fi drivers produce amazingly loud stereo audio sound that transmits in all directions. And a 4-inch passive bass radiator delivers incredible deep bass.

100% Dust and Waterproof

Backed by an IP67 international standard rating this speaker can be submerged in water for up to 30min up to 1m without being damaged. Not only that, it does float, too.

Long-Lasting Battery

An integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery will provide you with up to 50 hours of fun. Stream your music all day and all night if you want. Battery power can be depleted sooner depending on the volume the speaker is used at.

LED Light

360º LED lights with adjustable 3-state brightness to brighten up your evenings. These are especially practical when on a camping trip. They also light up a pool and give it a cool ambiance at night.

User-Friendly Controls

Play, pause and skip track buttons are large enough, so your finger won't slip. This makes the speaker easy to use when you're relaxing in the pool.

And the WOW-SOUND Wireless Speaker is Portable

Thanks to its lightweight and the attached carry handle, you can take it wherever you go without any hassle.

Additional Accessories

WOW, World of Watersports has included in the package a waterproof floating phone holder and an inflatable speaker float that you can use at your convenience. The float helps stabilize the WOW-Sound floating speaker and improves its buoyancy.

Features at a Glance

  • Bluetooth for easy streaming
  • Powerful omnidirectional sound
  • Dust and waterproof with an IP67 rating
  • Portable shockproof design with carrying handle
  • Deep and rich bass with a 4-inch passive bass radiator
  • Loud and clear highs with 4 x 2-inch active Hi-Fi drivers
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 50+ hours of playback
  • Large audio control buttons for easy operation
  • 360º LED light with adjustable brightness settings
  • Connect multiple speakers for more/surround sound
  • Color: orange
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Technical Specs

  • Frequency Range: 65Hz – 20kHz
  • Output power: 50 (2 x 25) watts

What You get in the Box

  • WOW-SOUND floating speaker
  • Charging cable
  • Waterproof floating phone holder
  • Inflatable Speaker Float
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