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JBuds Air Bluetooth Earbuds By Jlab

  • You're in control - Taking calls on the go by an easy click of the button on the earbuds. Talk to Google Assistant or Siri via the built-in mic. And one or two pushes of the button keeps you in full control of your music
  • EQ sound minus the app - Jlab signature lets you choose the sound you want. There are balanced and bass boost modes you control, all without having to install an app
  • Power up and connect - When the Jbuds earbuds a removed from their case they power up and connect to each other automatically letting you enjoy your music sooner and conveniently
  • The Best Bluetooth connection - Jbuds Air has Bluetooth 5.0 to keep you connected. No more dropouts and nothing but crystal clear music and phone calls. Also, a great range as well-meaning your device can be put down next to you. Perfect for working out and keeping that clear motivating music pumping. Be heard with uninterrupted phone calls too. Price: $15.79 (as of 03/13/2022 07:09 PST- Details)

True Wireless Signature Wireless Headphones that are Award Winning

JBuds Air Bluetooth Earbuds made by an award-winning designer of audio hearing devices such as speakers, earbuds, and headphones. First started in 2005 JLab Audio's mission is to enhance how you go through life by designing and manufacturing devices that produce an exceptional listening experience, look cool using innovative technology that doesn't break the budget.

Keeping it about our mission, #TeamJLab making earbuds & headphones such as JBuds Air for the high energy and active lifestyle. If your laidback and enjoy clear enhancing music from people that have inspired designs that are world-class then JBuds Air are the earbuds for you. And don't forget the warming and inviting customer service.

No Matter What you are Doing, Take them with You

If you're on the move grab your JBuds Air Bluetooth earbuds and jump headfirst into it. Going to the gym for an intensive workout, making that trip to work, or even if your heading for a flight overseas your JBud Air wireless earbuds will keep you entertained.

With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to keep the connection clear giving uninterrupted sound and a battery life of up to 6 hours from a single charge. If that's not enough don't forget that the modern designed charging case will give you another 18 hours of power to keep your JBuds Air Bluetooth earbuds pounding out the beats all day.

With the auto-on feature built right into the earbuds, they will power up as soon as they are removed from the case. Automatically connecting to each other right out of the case as well so they already when you are.

Packed with Features Yet Still Simple

  • Great companion for travel
  • EQ 3 Sound How you like it
  • Audio with Bluetooth 5.0 Enabled
  • The whole package
  • Controls that are easy
  • JBuds Air trouble-free connection
  • Durability that goes extreme

JBuds Air Bluetooth earbuds keep it simple by turning on automatically straight out of the case. Just turn on your device and set your music to play and your good to go. With a mat finish easy to use case that charges the earbuds as well as protecting them when they are not in use.

Comfort is important as well with a selection of ear tips and cush fins to allow you to have the most comfortable firm fit possible. JLabs design is second to none here no app needed for you to be able to control how you want to hear your music.

You tune the earbuds how you want then save your preferences with JLab Signature, also giving you a balanced base as well as bass boost mode. All this is achieved without having to install an app.

You can operate the volume or change a track by one or two pushes of the button on the earbuds. Siri, Google Assistant, and any other voice assistant can be utilized through the built-in mic as well as allowing uninterrupted phone calls.

An IP55 rating means that JBuds Air Bluetooth earbuds are able to resist sweat and water to keep you protected in those invasive times. Unlike a lot of competitors, they have a dust rating as well which lets you know dust is repelled too.

If you're looking for compact quality sounding earbuds with a decent amount of playtime look no further JBuds Air has it. Not to mention the charging case that fits easily into any bag or pocket. A charging case with lights to indicate how much charge is left. Power your audio for the day.


Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response – 20Hz-20KHz
  • Output - 103+3db
  • Bluetooth version – 5.0
  • Bluetooth range – 30ft
  • Earbud type – Dynamic
  • Profile – A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Weight – Earbuds 5g each, charging case 50g
  • Charging time – Earbuds 1.5hrs, charging case 2hrs
  • Battery life – Earbuds have 6 hours of music playtime
  • Charging Case – 18 hours of playtime

What's in the Box

  • JBuds Air earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • A 2-year warranty
  • 1 set of cush fins for each earbud
  • 3 set's of gel ear tips
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