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Fusion Waterproof Speaker Active Sports

Fully Waterproof - You're well protected with this Bluetooth speaker as it has an IPX7 rating. That means it can go swimming and will be fine. This portable speaker will also float if it ends up in the water making it easy to retrieve.

Streaming made easy - Listen to music via a streaming service such as Pandora or spotify. Simple to connect and play.

Flash drive compatible - Play your music back from a USB stick. If your on the water and want to keep your phone safe it is possible to play music from a USB drive. the speaker will simply play from the stick and let you click through the tracks as you require.

Fusion Waterproof Speaker the Portable Sports Stereo

This is the portable sports stereo that loves to go out on the water. This speaker can be attached to any kind of watercraft that you might want to use. From Kayaks, paddleboards, Jetskis, and boats this is the ocean-going specialist for music. You even have the choice to buy an accessory called an active safe which will lock your phone or other devices away protecting them from water.

This unit has 2 directionals speakers that are 20 watts each. With a class d amplifier to power the sound as well as a passive radiator for bass. Audio is then produced to be loud and clear thanks to the internal air volume being set perfectly.

Connection via Bluetooth and Streaming

With Bluetooth, you can connect to any of your Bluetooth devices that are compatible with A2DP and stream your favorite music. Streaming is also possible from services such as Spotify and Pandora.

FM/AM Option with Weather Band

If you have run out of music and want to listen to your favorite local radio station you can with the built-in FM/AM receiver. Weather band service is also an option too if you're in the USA. There are dedicated preset buttons on the speaker giving you access to preset stations which you can save.

Playing Music via USB and Powerbank

If you prefer to save battery power on your phone it is possible to plug in a USB flash drive with music stored on it. The Fusion waterproof speaker will play the music directly from the memory stick. If your phone or device needs a top-up of power this is also possible via the USB port.

Waterproof Floating Speaker

This is a Bluetooth speaker that has an IPX7 rating meaning it is fully waterproof. There not much point in being a sea-going speaker unless you are waterproof. And just in case it does end up going overboard you can quickly retrieve it as it floats.

The Puck

A simple mounting system solution designed by Fusion. It allows you to attach your Fusion waterproof speaker to your watercraft. It's a simple mounting system that makes sure your speaker is attached securely to your vessel.

Wireless Control via Fusion-Link

Thanks to the fusion link a Garmin app you can connect via your smartphone or Garmin smartwatch. Once connected you can fully control your Fusion waterproof speaker via your watch or phone through the app.

  • Full audio source control
  • Volume up or down
  • Skip tracks
  • Play and pause

Features at a Glance

  • Waterproof IPX7
  • FM/AM tuner
  • Weather band (USA)
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 20 hours of playtime
  • 3-hour charge
  • USB flash drive compatible
  • Works with Garmin Smartwatches
  • Voice prompts available
  • Fusion Puck mount included

Active Safe

A fusion active safe is an accessory that can be purchased separately to protect your smartphone or device from water. It attaches to the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker and thanks to the puck system can be attached to your vessel. This gives you added protection and not having to worry about your phone going overboard.

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