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Fugoo Style Xl Tough Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • 360 degree sound with 8 symmetrically placed drivers cranks out clean highs, midrange punches, and deep, roaring lows. 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 dB sound pressure level, the CORE-X fills produce rich audio.
  • 100% Waterproof and the perfect teammate for the beach, paddle boarding and sailing. IP67 rating Fully dustproof, mud-proof and shockproof to 3′ as well.
  • 35-HOUR BATTERY LIFE – Best-in-its-class battery life means more than a day and a half of continuous jams, uninterrupted experiences, and all-out adventures.
  • Portable Power Bank -Quick charge your phones and tablets from the included USB Port
  • SIRI & GOOGLE NOW CONTROL – With Apple Siri and Android Google Now accessible through your FUGOO Bluetooth speaker, you’re a voice command away from unlimited searches. There is also a built-in full-duplex speakerphone for hands-free chatting.

Fugoo Style Xl Tough Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bring your tunes anywhere life takes you, even on an ATV, the job site or to the beach. Featuring 8 acoustic drivers for full fidelity, true 360° sound. The Fugoo Style Xl Tough waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof speaker offers a 35-hour battery life and a USB port to quick charge your phone or tablet. Protected in a polymer jacket with aluminum plating and stainless steel grills, FUGOO Tough XL is built to work and play as hard as your active lifestyle.

360º Sound Fugoo Style Xl Tough Waterproof Portable Speaker

FUGOO Bluetooth speakers were constructed to provide premium sound and rugged durability no matter what you throw its way. Fugoo Style Xl Tough waterproof speaker offers the most drivers to deliver full-fidelity audio. Featuring eight speakers, four neodymium tweeters, two aluminum domed neodymium woofers, and two bass drivers.

Fugoo Style Xl Tough Waterproof

Fugoo has designed and delivered the most rugged Bluetooth speaker line with the highest incursion protection rating of IP67. Fugoo also designed and verifies its products at 3 feet or 1 meter for 30 minutes underwater and to be dustproof, snow proof and mud proof.

35-Hour Battery

Best-in-its-class battery life means more than a day and a half of continuous jams, uninterrupted experiences, and all-out adventures. Only 3.5 hours charge time and you're ready to go another 35 hours.

Fast Charge Your Phone or Tablet

It’s not just the 38 watts of power, 2 extra tweeters and 3 additional control buttons that make Fugoo Style Xl Tough waterproof Bluetooth speaker the ultimate audio teammate. There’s also a fast-charging power bank and flat cable micro-USB cord to ensure your phone and favorite devices stay charged up and game ready.

Take Your Audio Anywhere

FUGOO Tough XL is the amazing waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Designed to handle dirt, mud, water or snow, it’s the perfect companion for the mountains, beach, desert or even your own backyard. Multiple mounting slots give you options to mount it somewhere for a rough ride, like on a boat, ATV or sport court.

Supercharge Your Game

With the loudest, highest sound quality we’ve ever produced. 8 acoustic drivers push out up to 97 decibels of sound pressure to create the ultimate listening experience. Plus, with speakers facing all directions at an 8-degree upward tilt, you’ll put everyone around right in the sweet spot.

Speakerphone with support for SIRI and Google Now voice control through supported devices always keeps you connected and in charge.

Go Big or Go Home

This large, yet portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is ready for the outdoors like the beach, backyard pool or on further adventures, with aluminum plating and control buttons, stainless steel grills and polycarbonate core. Regardless of your adventure, even if it’s taking care of the family at home, Fugoo has you covered.


8 symmetrically placed drivers crank out clean highs, midrange punches, and deep, roaring lows. With 4 tweeters, 2 mid/subwoofers, 2 bass drivers and a 97 dB sound pressure level.

Fugoo Style Xl Tough

Fugoo Style Xl Tough waterproof portable speaker is a party-sized rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere. The Tough XL Jacket is additional protection around the Core XL Speaker that is made of a Fugoo specified Polycarbonate Composite with Aluminum Cladding and Stainless Steel Audio Grills for rugged durability. True 360-degree audio with 8 drivers delivers amazing full fidelity music and serious bass. Fully waterproof, dustproof, mud-proof, shockproof. Leading 35 hours of battery life with rechargeable batteries keeps the party going for a weekend and you can even fast charge your phone or tablet from the included power bank. What's in the box: Core and tough XL jacket, AC adapter, USB cable, audio cable, and hex wrench.

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