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Eon Concepts Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth TWS-8 Ear Hooks

  • Ergonomically Designed With Style – Uniquely designed Bluetooth wireless earbuds. With a touch-sensitive surface simply place your fingers to operate. Just hold your fingers on the surface to turn on or off.
  • Maximum Comfort And Durability – Ear hooks are included with these earbuds if you require them. Earbuds that are engineered for a secure comfortable fit. As well as adjustable ear hooks. Giving you awesome comfort as well as preventing any chance of an earbud falling out. It can be used for outdoor activities, at the gym and for running. Supplied with ear hooks as well as 3 different sized ear tips giving maximum comfort options. You’ll be addicted to your Bluetooth earbuds!
  • Superb Sound & Bluetooth Wireless – Sound output has not been compromised when these earbuds were engineered giving you clear quality sound. Allowing you maximum enjoyment. When it comes to bass along with quality sound these Bluetooth earbuds are one of the best. Bluetooth connection is outstanding giving 17 feet of range to the user. You’ll get a fantastic clear sound as long as your device is within the specified range which will have you parting ways with your wired earphones.

Wireless Bluetooth Eon Concepts Earbuds

Go for a walk with your Eon Concepts earbuds their wireless and Bluetooth

Ideal for walking or jogging Eon Concepts Earbuds will give you connection stability with Bluetooth and a firm comfortable fit.

An ally for motivation at the gym

Added stability can be added by using ear hooks that a provided. Allowing you to pump that workout.

Music spreading motivation

Keep your earbuds in range of your device and enjoy motivating music anywhere you go.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds on the go!

With a cool modern design, your Eon Concepts Bluetooth wireless earbuds will go anywhere you do.

Latest Technology with wireless Bluetooth 5.0

With a Bluetooth 5.0 chip installed, you'll have better everything with a stable clear sound which will allow you to enjoy great music.

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