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EcoEdge Rugged Speaker With Bluetooth

Bluetooth with distance - With Bluetooth 4.2 you will have a range of around 100 feet from your device. With clear uninterrupted sound and a speaker that gives a full-range sound that can be heard.

IP67 which means dust and waterproof - Fully tested and certified with an IP67 waterproof and dust protection rating. This speaker loves rugged conditions and will perform in all conditions, dry or wet. It's also able to float in water which makes it perfect for the pool or even the ocean or the lake. If it goes for a swim it will be just fine.

Dual speaker option and more - With ECOXGEAR's Ecoconnect pairing 2 of these speakers together is possible adding extra volume and sound where ever you are. With integrated rubber shocks on every corner, this portable speaker is well protected from the odd drop. It even comes with a bottle opener as well. Price: $49.95 (as of 03/13/2022 07:09 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

ECOXGEAR'S EcoEdge Rugged Speaker is Waterproof, Floats and Goes Anywhere

Taking life to the edge is what the EcoEdge rugged speaker is all about. If you enjoy the snow and love it cold so too does the EcoEdge waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Want to go rock climbing in an extreme climate where the days a sweltering? Guess what the EcoEdge is happy to be your partner. Keeping you entertained with tune will you take it to the limit in the elements. With an IP67 water and dust rating, the EcoEdge floating Bluetooth speaker can handle it all. This rugged speaker even has rubber mounts making it drop-resistant as well.

A Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with Audio that can be Heard

With Bluetooth 4.2 your waterproof floating speaker is ready to give you a strong and clear connection wherever you are. Stream the music and keep yourself motivated for hours. There are backlights, so the buttons can be seen, the EcoEdge rugged speaker has a 20-watt power peak that is engineered acoustically in a sealed unit. This provides you with deep bass, full mid-range sound, and vocals that sound like your watching the opera. With strong Bluetooth connectivity, the Eco edge waterproof speaker will provide an exceptional music experience.


  • EcoTalk - With a built-in microphone giving you smart speaker capabilities to talk to Siri and Google Assist. Also able to be used for hands-free calling as well as a speakerphone
  • EcoConnect - This feature allows 2 EcoEdge rugged waterproof floating Bluetooth speakers to be connected together. It is also possible to connect other ECOXGEAR speakers that also have EcoConnect such as the EcoDrift wireless speaker and even the EcoTrek Boombox if you desire.

With Enough Power To Last the Day and Longer

If you want it loud the EcoEdge rugged speaker is going to last for 10 hours when played at full volume. If played at a lower volume you can expect to get up to 20 hours of playtime from this rugged waterproof speaker. It has a built-in 3350mAh battery that provides up to 20 hours of playtime and can be fully recharged in just 3 hours. Plenty of listening time to allow you to enjoy what your doing without having to worry about power loss.

The Unexpected

Any beverage you may desire can be opened with the bottle opener that's built right into this floating speaker's bumper. Need a refreshing drink, you won't have to look too far for that bottle opener anymore. With an Aux-in input jack, the EcoEdge Bluetooth speaker will be able to play music from any wired audio device that doesn't have Bluetooth.

With a Mount

The options are endless for music to play. With a suction cup, mount included this waterproof speaker is easy to be attached to different vehicles or any watercraft. You can even use it in the shower if you want. The 1/4 20 mount is universal and is able to take a suction cup or any other kind of mount you may want to purchase later.


A 3-year warranty comes standard with this speaker and can be registered with ECOXGEAR after purchase. The only thing you won't find on this Bluetooth speaker is an AM/FM receiver. In which case, if you want a speaker with this function you should check out the EcoTrek Bluetooth speaker.

Features of the EcoEdge Bluetooth Speaker

  • Shock resistant
  • Pair 2 speakers together
  • Bottle opener
  • 20hrs of playtime
  • Mountable with suction cup included
  • 20 watts of power
  • EcoTalk for Voice Assistants
  • Fully dust and waterproof IP67 certification
  • Backlit buttons for night use

What's supplied in the box

  1. EcoEdge Bluetooth speaker
  2. User guide
  3. Power adapter for charging
  4. Suction cup for mounting
  5. Carabiner
  6. USB cable
  7. 3-year Warranty

Built for enjoyment the EcoEdge waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's also dustproof.

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