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EcoDrift Waterproof Floating Wireless Speaker

Protected from water and dust – With an IP67 rating your EcoDrift can go anywhere and is fully protected from water and dust 100%, Extras like an AUX-in plug

Plenty of Features - Long Range Bluetooth so you can stream up to 100 feet away; Audio sources include Bluetooth or wired AUX-IN connection; 15 watts max output power drives the full-range speaker and large passive woofer for a balanced sound of crisp highs, clear vocals, warm midrange, and deep bass

Full range sound – With a system that gives you clear crisp sound at any volume as well as rich full bass, so your music stays enjoyable. Two speakers can be paired via EcoConnect as well

Ecoxgear's Solid EcoDrift Waterproof Floating Wireless Speaker

So much sound from such a slim box. Creates a rich full sound thanks to what's inside this sleek surrounding. You are greeted with a loud 15w speaker that creates a full sound. As well as a passive subwoofer which creates enhanced bass. Want more sound? Just pair two Ecodrift waterproof wireless speakers together and double the sound.

All this is made possible with EcoConnect from ECOXGEAR and gives you even more sound to enjoy. Perfect for entertaining outdoors or even as speakers for the indoor surround sound experience. The end result is fantastic sounding music whenever you want it. Controls on a panel which makes this a perfect wireless speaker for ease of use or to even take camping.

EcoDrift Audio that's waterproof, Floats, and is even Dustproof

This EcoDrift waterproof floating wireless speaker has one of the highest IP waterproofing and dust proofing ratings there is. Not many have a rating as the EcoDrift, which has an IP67 certification which means it's fully dustproof and is totally waterproof. It's even possible for it to be submerged for 30 minutes in water.

Not to mention the fact that the whole entire case is UV protected as well. Lastly, it floats as well so makes the perfect companion for the pool, the beach, camping, and pretty much anything else outdoors.

Handsfree Audio and Vurtual Assistants

With a built-in mic, the EcoDrift waterproof floating wireless speaker can double as a hands-free kit for your mobile phone. Take calls with ease and be heard clearly and uninterrupted with noise-canceling technology built right in. ECOXGEAR has built another wireless speaker that just thieves in the elements. Able to be used with Siri or any virtual assistant.

Even activate Siri with a push of a button and let your assistant take control of your music. Bluetooth 4.2 will let you stream up to 100 feet away through your phone or device's wireless Bluetooth connection. A good strong and uninterrupted connection to keep the music playing on your EcoDrift waterproof speaker. Also keeping your phone calls connected and clear without any interruptions.

Battery Power that's Still Going When the Stars come out

A battery to keep you enjoying your tunes for the whole day and into the evening when the stars will appear. With 15 hours of playtime depending on volume the music will keep you entertained for the whole day. Working outside and want some music? the EcoDrift will be happy to oblige and won't complain.

If you do run out of power just plug the wireless floating speaker in with the charger that's provided and you'll be away again after a 3-hour charge. Plenty of power to keep you entertained into the night. Just another Bonus to keep the music playing.

Bluetooth Speaker Features and Accessories

Everything you need on that outdoor excursion to have music on the go. It even makes an entertaining companion for just relaxing by the pool at home. The perfect Bluetooth speaker for the boat the lake and more.

  • A Rugged Bluetooth waterproof speaker that floats
  • Full-range stereo
  • Bluetooth 4.2 for connection stability
  • Connect two speakers together with EcoConnect
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • Battery built-in with 15 hours of playtime
  • Hands-free with a built-in microphone
  • Auxiliary in

Here's What You Get cables and All

  1. The EcoDrift waterproof floating wireless speaker
  2. Power Adapter for charging
  3. One carry Lanyard for convenience
  4. A carabiner to easily attach the speaker
  5. 3-year warranty  Included

A Bluetooth speaker that loves a rugged life the ECOXGEAR EcoDrift will drift along with you, keeping the music going as long as you want.

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