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Debon 40W Portable Bluetooth Speaker


40W dual-driver and 28 core HIFI large subwoofer horn capable which provide full-spectrum audio with incredible 100db bass effect and clarity at any listening level. Unique loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver premium acoustic sound,crystal clear balanced bass and enjoy 40 Watts surround sound , you’ll never found in other portable speakers.

Exceptional 15 Hours Battery Playtime

A long lasting battery to keep your music playing when your on the go.


  • Weather Friendly Price: $49.99 (as of 20/01/2021 07:43 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Debon 40w Portable Bluetooth Micro Card (not included) &AUX Mode

With the Debon 40w portable bluetooth is has Max support up to 64GB Micro SD card. Insert any Micro SD card and the speaker will play the audio files automatically.
Connect any audio device with 3.5mm port via the audio cable and the speaker will shift to AUX mode.
Note: If your phone has connected the speaker, press "M" to change Micro SD card play.

Debon 40w Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Technology,Stay away from the Wires.

Enjoy stereo music without the wires and cables! It's compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Instantly connect to your smart phone or tablet from up to 65 feet away.
Automatically connect to the last device used.
Built-in Microphone allows you to answer calls hands-free without delay.

Debon 40w Portable Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo Sound (TWS) and 3D Digital Surround Sound

Immersive sound performance from any direction. More stereo, undistorted listening enjoyment.
The true wireless stereo sound provides top quality sound, due to the clear distribution of sound between the right and left channels. And making it possible for you to get surround sound quality for your device.

Exceptional 15 Hours Battery Playtime 

Proprietary customized high capacity battery provides up to 15 hours playing on a single charge. A perfect choice for those who like to enjoy music from day to night.

Weather Friendly

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, DEBON is protected from water in any environment. Its rugged exterior and impact resistant frame make it ready to take hiking, sporting, traveling and on the beach as well!
Advanced TYPE-C Charging Revolution.
This upgrade KILLS over 60% of the misuse or neglect of charging problems. The micro USB charging port is way too old and problematic, now you have TYPE-C charging.

Debon 40w Portable Package Contents

You Get 1 x Bluetooth Speaker

Also 1 x User manual

Along With 1 x USB cable

And Lastly 1 x Aux cable


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