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Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with Battery

That clear Bose sound - A portable entertainment speaker that has multiple uses and can go to any event that you do. Entertain, talk, broadcast and play it's up to you.

Add your instruments - If you've got music to play or you want to make your own you can. Add a guitar or keyboard while singing with a Microphone it's all possible with this Wireless beauty.

Battery life to last - Fully charge before you go and you'll be able to keep the music or sound going for up to 11 hours from a single charge. Price: $649.00 (as of 03/13/2022 07:09 PST- Details)

Here's the Party Starter the Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker

With a Bose S1 Pro, you can do it all. Stream music via Bluetooth for a party. You can even Dj the party by adding a microphone. You can entertain as well with instruments such as a guitar or keyboard. You'll be the life of the party with this wireless speaker.

It's perfect for speaking at conferences as well and has enough power to get you through the whole day. If you want a mic to speak or sing karaoke etc to go with this speaker it might be worth checking out the Bose S1 Pro bundle pack that has one included for you.

Fully Bluetooth Wireless and add the App

Wireless connecting of up to 30 feet is made possible thanks to Bluetooth. You'll be able to connect to any Bluetooth-ready device and start streaming music almost instantly. If you download the Bose Connect app it is then possible to connect to a second Bose S1 Pro wireless speaker for added sound.

If you want to just create a wild party environment there is even the party mode option also thanks to the app.

A battery that's Built-in

The battery when fully charged is going to give you around 11 hours of playtime from a single charge. This will be more than enough to get you through a day or night depending on the occasion. If you do run low you can plug the speaker in for a quick charge and you'll be up and running again in a short period.

The battery is located in an easy-to-remove panel located on the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker. You could if you were really worried about battery life have a second battery that you could quickly swap over if needed but one battery is more than likely enough for one person.

Youll Sound Like a Pro

Of course, with a quality Bose Bluetooth speaker you're going to get that quality deep sound that only bose produces. So you'll always sound like a pro in regards to the sound the speaker will produce, although it won't really help if you're out of tune.

There is also a built-in EQ that automatically tunes audio for a better experience. Also with tone match when the speaker is placed and audio starts to be produced it sensors the room and tunes the tone accordingly so you are heard loud and clear.

Easy to Setup and Transport

It has a convenient carry handle and the shape of the speaker makes it easy and convenient to pick up and move around. Once you have it where you want it it's as easy as turning it on pairing your device and turning up the music.

What's in the box

  • Your new Bose S1 Pro
  • Battery included
  • Cable  and plug for charging

Lastly with 3 channels for you to use one of which is exclusively for Bluetooth and Auxillary connects for streaming you have plenty of options. The other 2 channels are for microphones or other things such as keyboards and guitars.

With all these options this Bluetooth speaker really is a multi-tasker perfect for any entertainer.

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