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Bose System Bundle S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker with Battery, Shure PGA48 Microphone

  • Bundle Includes Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker System Bundle with Battery, Shure PGA48 Microphone, 15ft XLR Audio Cable (6 items).
  • Wireless Bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or musical instruments such as a keyboard or guitar.
  • Built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions for optimal sound in any near position.
  • Get up to 11 hours of playtime with the rechargeable, lithium-ion battery.
  • Auto EQ automatically adjusts the system’s tone in any qualified placement position so your music always sounds its best. Price: $638.92 (as of 16/01/2021 07:05 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.


Bose System Bundle S1 Product description

You spent a lot of time creating that perfect playlist, now make sure everyone gets to hear it with a Bose System Bundle S1.

The Bose S1 Pro system is a combination Bluetooth speaker and versatile PA system made for parties, outdoor get-togethers and all those times that deserve better sound.

Whether it’s streaming music wirelessly or plugging in a microphone, keyboard or guitar, the S1 Pro is designed to be your go-anywhere music system for nearly any occasion.

With rugged, lightweight materials, the S1 Pro is designed to travel. Furthermore, a convenient carry-handle makes it easy to get to the party, and once you’re there, let the S1 Pro make it look easy.

Plugin the included power cord and place it on the ground, on its side, tilted back, or elevated. Also, the speaker’s unique multi-position design and built-in Auto EQ automatically adjusts the system’s tone to ensure the music always sounds the way it should and that everyone can hear it.

For the ultimate freedom, the rechargeable battery gives you up to 11 hours of play, so the S1 Pro goes wherever the fun is happening.

So when it’s your turn to bring the music, bring a pro.

Bring the Bose S1 Pro

- Comes with Bose S1,

-S1 Battery,

-Shure PGA48 Microphone,

-15ft XLR Audio Cable

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