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BEHRINGER Bluetooth PA Speaker

The Event Bluetooth Speaker - Whatever the event this portable unit will give you the power you need. Rated for events of up to 250 people. At a party, a dance, a school event, or even a conference this speaker able to take 2 microphones will power the event.

Quality Battery Life - With the juice to get you through the day or the night this speaker has 12 hours of continuous power to keep the event alive. If you do run low it can be plugged into mains power and you can keep on going.

Totally Portable - Just wheel the speaker to where it needs to be thanks to its inbuilt wheels and retractable handle. Just wheel it around like your suitcase. Easy and convenient to move around.

The BEHRINGER Bluetooth PA Speaker for any Occasion

It doesn't matter what the occasion if you need a portable Bluetooth speaker then a BEHRINGER Bluetooth PA speaker will answer your calls. This a fabulous portable unit that will make sure you will be heard no matter the event. Be it giving lessons in a studio or speaking at a conference this speaker has you covered.

If you're into the party and want to DJ then it can all be done from this stylish unit. There's a microphone included and you can even add a second one if you want for a sing-a-long or karaoke.

Power and Sound

With a Class-D built-in Amplifier that has 40 watts of power, your sound will be heard. With a speaker system that is 2 way, you'll be provided with a rich full sound that will keep your guests entertained for hours and hours.

Performs well under any circumstances, it doesn't matter if it's just music or speaking this Bluetooth speaker with built-in PA will perform.

With Bluetooth

Thanks to Bluetooth technology you can have your whole digital music collection on hand to pump up any event or party. If you have prerecorded content for a conference that you want to play then this also can be done thanks to the Bluetooth connection.

You no longer have to worry about how you're going to play your content just have it ready on your Bluetooth device. Then connect to the BEHRINGER Bluetooth PA speaker and start streaming. It's that simple it really is.

If your device doesn't have Bluetooth then it can still be plugged in via the AUX-In RCA plugs. All you need is an auxiliary to RCA cable and you're away.

A Mixer with 2 Channels

With a 2 channel mixer included it's possible to plug 2 microphones in. One of which is supplied with the speaker. Another option is to purchase the BEHRINGER wireless microphones and their transmitter plugs into the USB port on the back of the speaker.

So you have plenty of choices wired or wireless mics it's up to you.

Battery life

All the power you need for the day and the night with 12 hours of playtime from a fully charged battery. If you need extra just plug it in for a quick charge or keep using it while it's charging.

Once you're done just wheel it on out to the car and you're ready to head home. Then remember to charge it up so it's ready for your next big event when you are.

Fully Portable

Portability is a must. That's why the BEHRINGER Bluetooth PA speaker has built-in wheels and a retractable handle to pull it along. Just wheel your Bluetooth PA system to the spot you want to use it turn it on connect and start steaming.

Features at a Glance

  • Bluetooth
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Dual mic compatible
  • A wired mic is included
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Built-in mixer
  • AUX-In option (cable not included)
  • 40-watt amplifier built-in
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