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IPX7 Portable BassPal Waterproof Speaker with Suction Cup

LED display - A clear and easy to see the screen on the front of the speaker to display the time, battery life, mode the speaker is in, and which radio station it's on when you're using the radio.

Has an FM radio - With a built-in radio you can tune into your favorite radio station when you get bored with your own music collection.

Microphone for hands-free calls - The built-in mic will allow you to use this little speaker to make and take calls without needing to touch your phone. Now you'll have a multi-function speaker that you can use for music and as a speakerphone. Price: $27.99 (as of 03/13/2022 07:09 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

The BassPal Waterproof Speaker is Perfect for the Shower

A five-star shower speaker with so many features and multiple other uses. The IPX7 rated BassPal waterproof speaker can be used anywhere there is water, not just in the shower. It has a LED screen that gives you convenience and also has LED lighting which can be adjusted accordingly.

It's also possible to take calls on this speaker as well as it doubles as a speakerphone. Even while your out on your Kayak.

Display Screen

To make life convenient there is a display screen that lets you know the time wherever you are. If you want to stay on time it's perfect for the shower to let you know when you need to go.

The screen will also show you the battery life and which mode you have the speaker in. Also, shows the radio station when you are using radio mode.

Bluetooth and TWS Sound

With the BassPal Bluetooth speaker, you have quick pairing and a stable fast connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. It gives you an operating distance of up to 66 feet when connecting to any of your compatible Bluetooth devices.

Thanks to TWS (true wireless stereo) it is possible to connect 2 BassPal Shower speakers together. This a provides 2 channel surround sound system. Can be used as computer speakers or on a tablet if you wanted to.

Fully Waterproof or the Shower and Outdoors

Not only is the BassPal Bluetooth speaker shower safe it can be used anywhere there is water. With an IPX7 rating you could even through it in the pool for 30 minutes and it will survive just fine.

It's a multi-use Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker you can take with you wherever you go. It loves the outdoors as well.

Hang It Stick It Carry It

All that is needed is supplied with the BassPal speaker. It can be hung with the carry strap that's included or just use the strap to carry the speaker with you. Then you can stick it by using the suction cup. Works well in the shower or anywhere else that you can get the suction cup to stick.

Radio and Mood Lighting

LED lighting that can change color will set the mood and if you get bored with your music there is always the option to tune in to your favorite radio stations with the FM radio. Depending on where you are you may need to plug in the antenna which is supplied with the BassPal speaker.

Hands-free with Long Battery Life

A built-in microphone allows calls to be taken directly on the BassPal waterproof speaker. There are buttons to easily take and terminate calls from the speaker. The music will go all day with 8 hours of battery life depending on volume use.

Features at a Glance

  • An LED display screen
  • Includes Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX7 waterproof for the shower and more
  • FM radio built-in
  • TWS pair 2 BassPal Speakers
  • Battery with 8 hours of playtime
  • 66-foot range
  • 8 watts of power
  • Microphone for handsfree calling

What You Get in the Box

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