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Anker Soundcore Icon Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • Designed with adventure in mind - A mini speaker to go anywhere. Pocket-sized for easy transporting and hangs on anything you want. It will attach to backpacks bikes and more.
  • Big sound - Lightweight and small yet it still provides amazing sound.
  • IP67 waterproof - With an IP67 rating this speaker will survive being submerged in water. Can go out in the rain and is protected from dust.
  • Longer battery life - Lots of sounds anywhere you go with 8 hours of battery life.
  • In Stereo - As well as being able to pair 2 together giving you double the sound. Price: $29.95 (as of 03/13/2022 07:09 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

The Anker Soundcore Icon Mini

The little speaker just has to act like a big speaker. Big sound from a mini Bluetooth speaker.

Hang it anywhere you want

With a detachable cord, that is supplied you can hang the stereo Anker Soundcore icon mini Bluetooth speaker from anything you want. Put it on your bag or backpack as well as being able to attach it to your bike or railings and anything else your heart desires. All the audio you want out in the elements. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

Better sound in stereo

In stereo and wireless pro-sound. If you're looking for more volume just pair two Anker Soundcore Icon mini speakers together. This supplies you with double the stereo sound for even more entertaining audio and more volume. The perfect travel companion.

Entertainment and Gaming Lasts Longer

Anker Soundcore icon mini's paired together make the perfect Bluetooth speakers that pair to a computer for gaming. With 8 hours of playtime from each speaker, the battery makes sure you'll be entertained for the day. Perfect for any daytime excursion and when you're done an icon mini Bluetooth speaker will recharge in just 3 hours.

Dustproof and Waterproof

With an IP67 certification, the Anker Soundcore icon mini portable speaker can withstand any kind of dust, sand, dirt, or anything else you can through at it. Just through it in the water to clean it off as it's waterproof too. Doesn't matter where you are even on an outdoor adventure his speaker doesn't care. The wireless sound just keeps going and going.

Laying out on the patio next to the pool no problem for this little speaker. It even loves to go to the beach and lay in the sand. And yes it can go underwater for up to 30 minutes as it has an IP67 rating.

Don't Underestimate the Size

Such a small speaker it's hard to believe it has so much sound. Don't underestimate the sound that comes from the Anker Soundcore icon mini portable speaker. It may be a baby speaker but it has no problem filling an indoor room with an explosive sound. Even when it's outdoors and connected to your mobile all you have is the best sound possible from a baby speaker.

Wireless and Bluetooth

Totally wireless and connects via Bluetooth giving you the freedom to connect it to any mobile phone that you choose. Full cordless and mobile you can connect this Bluetooth speaker to virtually any Bluetooth device you want. Fully compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

Perfect for gaming as it can connect to any Bluetooth device such as computers and laptops. A mini wireless speaker that acts like a pro and has beauty as well.

Travel anywhere with this Anker Soundcore speaker and share its sound with all your friends.

Handsfree for the Mobile and More

Taking a call on a Bluetooth speaker has never been easier. Anker Soundcore icon mini has a built-in microphone that allows this beauty to double up as a hands-free device for any mobile phone with Bluetooth. Simply pair it with your phone and start making hands-free calls. The news is out this mini speaker has all the power and features of any Bluetooth speaker.

With an Aux-in you can plug your devices straight in as well-meaning any device that's not Bluetooth can still be used to play music through the Anker Soundcore icon mini Bluetooth speaker. There's also a full control panel with buttons for easy control and a USB-C plug for easy charging.

In the Box
  • 1 Anker Soundcore icon mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • A USB-C charging cable
  • Quick start guide

Soundcore. Hear it. Feel it.

A Brand Under Anker Innovations

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