Well, if you are in the market for a quality Bluetooth speaker the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable wireless speaker might just be what you’ve been looking for.

We have stacked this review full of information to help you make a well-informed decision on whether or not the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Bluetooth speaker will be suitable for your requirements.

OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable speaker is a reasonably modern Bluetooth speaker, the mainframe of which is constructed from plastic. The case itself is between 11 and 12 inches long and is of triangular design.

If you are familiar with Cambridge SoundWorks already, then you would know this is a standard design throughout their entire Bluetooth speaker range.

The passive bass radiators on each end of the triangular case are covered with a brushed aluminum finish.

Also, being that this case is a little larger than normal, Cambridge SoundWorks has used the space well, giving you two large precision drivers to custom tweeters and a proprietary bass radiator.

There is a row of buttons across the top of the Bluetooth speaker. You’ll see all the usual settings that you would expect to see: a volume plus and minus, fast-forward, rewind, pause and play as well as a Bluetooth button with the power button sitting next to it.

Furthermore, there is also an LED light that is used as an indicator to let you know when the battery needs recharging. Once the battery in your OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker drops below 20%, the LED light starts flashing to inform you that your battery is now low and needs to be re-charged.

So, as far as the looks and shape go, it’s quite a good looking, versatile wireless speaker for its size.

What’s the Sound Like from this Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

Given that you have a good range of speakers within the case of the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Bluetooth speaker, you’re going to receive a fairly good all-round sound.

Packed with all the ranges from the two large precision drivers the custom tweeters, which there are two of and then the passive bass radiator.

If you’re looking for a quality portable Bluetooth speaker that can be used for more than one purpose, this portable speaker will fit the bill. If you’re planning to use it outdoors, it has an outdoor mode, which changes the way the speaker performs outdoors as opposed to indoors.

In addition to the above, the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-Portable Bluetooth speaker can be hooked up to a TV and used as a home theater speaker, if you desire. It will perform reasonably well in the situation too.

Even though this model has a better EQ, which was implemented to improve the bass output that you can receive, they can still have sound quality issues when using the OontZ Angle 3XL Plus Bluetooth speaker with a mobile phone. A simple fix for this is simply downloading an EQ app to your phone, which will give you greater control over the sound that you receive.

Looking at this wireless portable speaker overall though, it does produce a reasonable sound for what it is, and, just so you are aware, it may be a little expensive, depending on the price on the day.

How do you Charge an OontZ Angle 3XL Plus?

Charging is done just like most Bluetooth speakers are charged these days.

It can be charged either by using any USB wall charger or USB cable which is normally supplied with the device, keeping the way you charge your device simple and allowing you to grab any USB cable within your reach to charge your OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-Portable.

Is it Possible to Replace the Battery in an OontZ Angle 3XL Plus?

Added bonus, although, most likely you will wear the device out long before ever needing to replace the battery. Yes, it is possible to replace the battery in an OontZ Angle 3XL Plus Bluetooth portable speaker.

A quick search online and you will find plenty of options when it comes to replacement batteries for your Bluetooth speaker. The cost of replacement is also relatively cheap and lies somewhere in the vicinity of around $20.

If you happen to wear the battery out in your Bluetooth speaker before you wear out the unit itself, then replacing the battery is relatively simple.

All that is required, once you have purchased a new battery, is to open the battery compartment on the speaker, unplug and remove the old battery, discard it, simply plug-in your new battery, and close the battery compartment.

Lastly, charge the device up, as more than likely the battery will almost be flat, being new, and enjoy your OontZ Angle 3XL Plus once again.

OontZ Angle 3XL Plus Charging Options and Charger

Everything that is required for charging your OontZ Angle 3XL Plus Bluetooth speaker will come with the device when you purchase it. Charging options include charging via a USB-C cable or DC charge through the charging port on the back of the device.

Furthermore, replacement charges and cables are readily available. A simple search online and you will find plenty of inexpensive options on the market to purchase.

Is the OontZ Angle 3XL Plus Waterproof?

Rated at an IPX5 waterproof rating, the OontZ Angle 3XL Plus will survive the odd splash, repel the rain and can be used in the shower, if you really want to. You can take it to the beach, or the lake, or even use it next to the pool, knowing that it is protected from water.

And, if the unexpected does happen and it ends up in the water, it can survive being partially or fully submerged, but only for a very short amount of time.

OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Specifications

Here are some specs for the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable speakers, in return, produces an awesome sound experience.

  • Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet
  • The power output of 24 Watt combined 48 Watt
  • Two 2.5” acoustic drivers deliver outstanding stereo sound
  • Two 1.5” tweeters delivering high notes and clear sound
  • Three passive bass radiators for the boom
  • Built-in mic for hands-free wireless use

Too many to mention full specs are available on our product page.

Is There a Manual for the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra?

Yes, if you require a copy of a user manual or guide for your Bluetooth speaker, you can simply download it or access it from the manufacturer’s website.

We have put a link here for you to easily access it and this link will redirect you to the user manual for the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker.

How do I reset my OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra?

If for some reason you run into issues and need to reset your OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra it is reasonably easy to do. Firstly, make sure the device is disconnected from the power and charging adapter cable. Also, make sure that your audio cable is disconnected as well.

Next, confirm that the speaker is switched off. Once, you have clarified that the device is turned off, press and hold the power button down for around eight seconds and then release it.

Your Bluetooth speaker should be reset now and once again is ready for you to use. Here are the steps for easy reference:

1. Disconnect all cables
2. Confirm the speaker is off
3. Hold the power button down for 8 sec’s
4. The speaker is reset and ready to use

Does this Speaker have Firmware?

All of the speakers supplied by Cambridge SoundWorks come with firmware. You can update the firmware via a flash drive being plugged into the USB port on the Bluetooth speaker. You can do so easily by following the manufacturer’s directions, which they specify here.

For the most part, we can’t see any reason that a user would really have a need to update the firmware other than if you were trying to pair two of Cambridge SoundWorks Bluetooth speakers together. You will find more information on this below in the next paragraph.

Can I pair 2 OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra’s together?

Easily pair two OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra speakers together to multiply your sound experience.

When you connect two of these portable Bluetooth speakers together, they can be spaced up to 100 feet apart from each other, if you so desire.

When connected, they both will play an awesome stereo sound, giving the user a full sound experience. You can then use the dual speaker system with Amazon Echo, iPhone, iPad or any other kind of Bluetooth device that you may want to use.

Lastly, if you wish to connect your device to a TV, you will be able to do so through the 3.5 mm audio cable plug on the back of the speaker’s housing. The speaker cable for this is not supplied with the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker and would need to be purchased separately.

Note, if you do decide to buy one of these speaker cables, make certain that it is a stereo jack and not a mono jack as they are totally different.

How do I Connect my OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra to my Bluetooth Device?

When attempting to connect your OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker to your Bluetooth device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphone, tablet, windows device, and any other devices, it should be just a standard Bluetooth connection.

From time to time, for whatever reason, trying to connect can be an issue and most of the time when this happens, it can be something very simple that we just miss.

If you’re struggling to connect your new wireless speaker to your device, head over to the troubleshooting page for the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra.

Here, There, you will find all the instructions you need for you to connect and/or pair your Bluetooth device to your new OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra Bluetooth speaker.

We would say, if you are connecting to one of the devices that are described on the troubleshooting page and still fail to connect, it would probably be a good idea to contact the technical support on the OontZ Angle website, as you may have a faulty device.

How do you attach an OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra?

Attaching your wireless speaker is relatively easy with the OontZ Bluetooth speaker’s official mounting strap, which is also designed by Cambridge SoundWorks.

The strap is made of a durable rubberized material and has buckles made of aluminum, giving you a secure fit.

Of course, it’s lightweight, ultra-portable, and can be used to attach your OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker to pretty much anything starting with, for example, a golf cart, scooters, bicycles, boats and anything else, you may desire to attach your Bluetooth speaker too.

Besides, you can also purchase bushwhacker portable speaker mounts, most of which, you will find, will work well with your speaker and add great portability. This kind of mount will quickly attach your Bluetooth speaker to anything you like as well with three easy to use velcro straps.

If you’re going to purchase one of these Bluetooth speakers or any kind of Bluetooth speaker, either one of the straps, you will find, works quite well as a universal strap for any Bluetooth speaker.

Making it simple and easy for you to attach your device to wear and do whatever you need.

Is the OontZ Angle 3XL Plus supplied with a Carry Case?

Your portable OontZ Angle 3XL Plus Bluetooth speaker is not supplied with any kind of a carry case.

However, a quick search online would help you find plenty of aftermarket cases that are available for this portable Bluetooth speaker. Here are a couple of choices below that are compatible with this Bluetooth speaker.

Feel free to click through the links and you’ll be taken to the corresponding product pages that you can make a purchase from.

To conclude, is it OontZ Angle 3XL Plus worth the price?

Finally, when weighing up all the features that come with the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker and the asking price, it does look like a reasonable purchase.

However, there are a few exceptions, but with a little bit of know-how and a few adjustments, this can be an exceptional portable Bluetooth speaker.

We would advise you to confirm, when it comes to the bass and the sound while using the device, that it is set to either the indoor or outdoor mode, depending on where you are going to use your Bluetooth speaker.

Another tool to use, if you are looking for quality sound from a wireless Bluetooth speaker, is an equalizer app, which you could consider downloading. By doing this, it will give you a lot more control over your speaker and the sound that your speaker is going to produce.

Other than that, this Bluetooth speaker has all the features and accessories you need to have an enjoyable music experience wherever you are.

Lastly, other than the price for the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker being a little high sometimes, it’s a good product for the price and a bestseller.

Cambridge SoundWorks has done pretty well here as well as, don’t forget, if needed, you can replace the battery, which is not always possible with these kinds of devices.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our other articles, reviews and products we have on offer.

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