Klipsch McLaren Bluetooth Earbuds T5 II True Wireless Sport Edition By Klipsch and McLaren

By The Best Portable SpeakersOct 6, 2020

Klipsch is arguably one of the best companies that have manufactured a lot of high-quality audio devices, which are loved by many people.

The 2019 Klipsch T5 series headphones were one of the year’s best releases.

These wireless earbuds come with great sound quality, a stylish charging case, and longer battery life in comparison to its competitors.

klipsch mclaren bluetooth earbuds

The Most Awaited Klipsch x McLaren Collaboration

Back in July, the tech world was buzzing with the news that Klipsch and McLaren united to produce the best true wireless earphones.

With the success of the Klipsch T5 series, there’s no doubt why the announced release of T5 II, in collaboration with McLaren, has created a lot of buzz.

Klipsch True Wireless McLaren Sport Earphones

There are two new earphones released by Klipsch, the T5 II True Wireless and, a flagship version, the T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition, which were created in collaboration with McLaren.

True to its word, these true wireless headphones do not need any wires to function, not even charging cables. Coming with a wireless charging function, the T5 II true wireless line is the future of wireless earphone technology.

Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition Headphones at a Glance

  • Dust and waterproof with IP67 rating
  • Waterproof wireless charging case
  • Moisture-removal system
  • Maximum grip
  • Transparency mode
  • Four mics
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • 24 hours of battery life from the charging case
  • Able to connect to your digital assistant
  • With charging pad included
  • Long-Lasting Battery

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Long-Lasting Battery

The 8 hours of battery life is already a good deal for many people. The case can charge your Klipsch wireless earbuds up to 3 times as well.

This means you can enjoy 32 hours of combined playtime, which is an advantage for people who are always on the go. This well exceeds a set of Apple AirPods for example.

An Apple AirPods Pro charging case will only give you 24 hours of playtime and a set of Apple AirPods themselves only have 4.5 hours of playtime.

But, that’s not all. The new McLaren-styled T5 II earphones also come with wireless charging. This functionality, along with the IP67 rating, makes the wireless sport McLaren edition T5 II one of the best wireless earbuds Klipsch has released to date.

So, if you are looking for premium headphones and are a McLaren fan these are one of the best deals on the market.

Clear-Call Wireless Microphone

With a new wireless Bluetooth antenna that works with wireless Bluetooth 5.0, you do not have to worry about interference while on a call.

There are four wireless microphones that are integrated with automatic voice clarity enhancement and environmental noise reduction technology.

This significantly improves voice clarity when your McLaren wireless earphones are recording, which is an awesome addition for perfect audio quality. Aside from recording audio, you can also use the mics to command your digital assistants.

Digital Assistant Ready

Speaking of digital assistants, the McLaren T5 II sport comes with technology that supports the digital assistants of your choice.

Whether you rely on Alexa, Siri, Google Assist, or other virtual assistants, you can communicate with any of them with just one press of a button while using your McLaren wireless earphones.

Ergonomic Design is Best

While the past T5 version had excellent sound quality, according to the online reviews many people complained about the shape of the headphones themselves.

Klipsch addressed this issue with a whole new look and feel of their new T5 II, which fit the ears comfortably. With patented oval ear tips, the earbuds can be rotated a full 360° to fit comfortably in anyone’s ears.

Not only that, but the wireless sport McLaren edition comes with six pairs of oval ear tips in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your ears perfectly. There’s also an additional pair of pressure-relief memory foam ear tips that can provide extra grip, and three pairs of snug-fit ear wings.

This makes the wireless sport McLaren edition more comfortable vs the older T5 version.

Klipsch True Wireless

A lot of ‘wireless’ earphones on the market are not really wireless, as they still have a wire that will run from one bud to the other across the back of the head. But that is not the same for the T5 II earphones by Klipsch.

These are truly wireless. Also, with a wireless charging function, you can finally say goodbye to your wires.

This wireless charging feature is optional, as you can still use your USB Type C to charge the case. This dual charging system gives you more freedom to decide how you want to charge your McLaren wireless earbuds.

Here are the Specifications

  • Style - In-Ear Monitor
  • Driver design - Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
  • Driver diameter - 5.0 mm
  • Mic/Remote - CVC 8.0 Quad-Mic
  • Frequency response - 10hz-19khz
  • Noise isolation - -22db
  • Input connections - Wireless Bluetooth
  • Battery - (Earbuds) 55 mAh
  • Battery - (Storage case) 360 mAh
  • Weight - 96.9g (Storage case) 5.5g (Earphone)
  • Colors - Comes in black and orange
  • Dimensions - (When packed) 6.8" H X 4.4" W X 1.9" D

Bluetooth® Specifications

  • Version: Bluetooth 5.0 wireless
  • Profiles: A2dp 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, HSP 1.2, HFP 1.7
  • A2dp Codecs: SBC, AAC®, aptX®
  • Range: Up To 10m (33ft.)
  • Input Rating: 5v DC, 1.0A
  • Battery Status: iOS & Android Battery Status Monitor

Retail Price

The T5 II true wireless sport McLaren edition retails at around $249, which is a great price considering all the specs mentioned above.

T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition vs. T5 II True Wireless Sport

Klipsch also has the T5 II True wireless sport that isn’t a result of the collaboration with McLaren. While these Klipsch earphones have similar specs, however, there are a couple of differences.

Quick Rundown of Similarities and Differences

Both T5 II true wireless sport and T5 II true wireless sport McLaren come with

  • a signal-boosting external antenna
  • a dust and waterproof case with moisture-removal technology built-in
  • 6 pairs of silicone ear tips, 1 pair of memory foam tips, and 3 sizes of ear wings
  • a fast USB-C charge cable
  • transparency mode

Only T5 II true wireless sport McLaren edition comes with

  • a charging pad included
  • the signature orange earphone tips

The signal-boosting antenna provides a high-quality, uninterrupted connection from earbud to earbud and your audio device.

The dust and the waterproof case will not only charge your wireless earbuds but also protect them when you are not using them. With a built-in moisture-removal feature that is built into the case and is able to be reused, your headphones will stay clean and dry for their next use.

The ear tips have been made to sit inside the earlobe comfortably in both of these models. The tips are oval-shaped to create a comfortable seal in the ear.

They are made from soft silicone in order to reduce ear fatigue and provide you with maximum comfort while sealing properly to reduce noise and increase bass.

This is comfort thanks to Klipsch.

There are also a pair of ear tips made from memory foam as well as 3 different sized ear wings that keep the wireless earphones secure.

klipsch mclaren collaboration

While you can still use your USB Type C cable to charge these McLaren wireless earphones, the idea behind the true wireless capability is to finally say goodbye to wires and move to a more advanced wireless life.

The transparency mode allows you to still be aware of what is going on around you while letting you enjoy the sound coming from your audio device.

To sum up, both models have roughly the same style and functions, but the McLaren edition comes with a free charging pad that you can use with your McLaren-inspired headphones. And, McLaren’s signature branding and orange color will be appreciated by a true fan of McLaren racing.

Is T5 II Wireless Sport McLaren Edition Best for You? Earphones for the Loudest Conditions and Sport

Designed to have a great audio quality despite a loud environment, you can trust that T5 II Wireless Sport McLaren can drown out all the outside noises while you enjoy your music.

Collaborating with McLaren, who is famous for the McLaren F1 racing team and McLaren merchandise.
Klipsch developed headphones that can be used even in a very loud environment such as racing environments which is the heart of McLaren.

To add to the above, you can activate transparency mode with just a single press of a button. This allows outside noise to pass through the T5 II true wireless earbuds without changing the quality of sound you hear.

Living an Active Lifestyle

Klipsch did not hold back to the durability of the McLaren headphones, either. Rated with IP67, these earphones have the best protection from harmful dust and water and are able to be immersed in 1 meter of water for up to 30 mins.

Even the case is rated IP67, which is the most level of protection one can ever ask for.

That’s not all. With sweat-resistant ear tips, these McLaren earbuds are simply the best for people who lead an active lifestyle.

From driving race cars to frequently going on adventures, it is a great idea to have headphones that are durable despite the harshest conditions.

Whether you want to spend your days chilling at the beach or climbing a mountain, the Klipsch McLaren Bluetooth earbuds T5 II can handle both dust and water. Even under the stars.

Furthermore, the moisture-removal system inside the McLaren earphones really makes these the best headphones on the market for people who are always on the go.

If you want to have chilled music while you are on your morning jog or lifting weights at the gym, the T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren Edition will be your best earbuds.

Also, remember, you can switch ear tips to find your perfect fit. Even if you are living with a very active lifestyle, you surely won’t lose these wireless earphones.

Upgrade From the 2019 Klipsch T5 Earbuds Edition

We all know and love Klipsch’s T5 earphones, but some users did not like the design. Earbuds in the T5 II series come with six pairs of oval ear tips as well as a pair of pressure-relief memory foam ear tips, so you can choose your fit. These are the dream earbuds to own.

If you liked the T5 earphones by Klipsch before, you surely would love the new T5 II true wireless sport McLaren edition that comes with improved audio quality and ergonomic design.

Wireless Charging Pad

Both the T5 II sport and T5 II wireless sport McLaren edition have wireless charging function, but only the T5 II McLaren edition comes with a wireless charging pad in the box.

For just a few extra bucks, not only will you get a more robust sound than the other versions, but you will also get a Klipsch charging pad that is durable.

Final Thoughts on the Klipsch McLaren Wireless Earbuds

Klipsch has created a line of wireless headphones that are considered some of the best on the market right now.

A lot of people have been pre-ordering the Klipsch wireless earphones in McLaren colors.

Several people are delighted as these Klipsch earbuds that were produced in collaboration with McLaren and have proven to exceed their expectations.

If you are after flagship earbuds that have everything you need and are truly wireless, go and buy a set of Klipsch T5 II true wireless sport McLaren edition now.

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