When spring is upon you, it’s more than likely that you’re going to dust off your Jet Ski and get it ready for those nice sunny days.

That being said, maybe you’re about to purchase a new Jet Ski and there’s plenty to see and choose from.

jet ski bluetooth speakers

Whatever brand is your favorite, be it, Yamaha, Sea-Doo, or even a Kawasaki, they all have awesome Jet Skis to choose from.

Once you have your Jet Ski and it’s good to go, all you need is an easy to install wireless Jet Ski speaker or Jet Ski Bluetooth speakers to add some music when you’re powering around out on the water.

Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers are waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are best attached to your Jet Ski with a cool versatile bracket supplied by PWC Brackets. With this easy to install bracket almost any waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be a Jet Ski Bluetooth speaker.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for a Jet Ski

When it comes to wireless Bluetooth speakers for Jet Skis, when you first research it appears that there are very few options and you are somewhat restricted to what you can do for your PWC (Personal WaterCraft).

Looking around one of the more popular options is integrated Jet Ski speakers that are hard-wired in the footwells of the jet ski. And, you guessed it, the end result seems to be endless complaints about restricted foot space due to the Jet Ski speakers being in the way on your PWC marine craft.

That makes one of the most popular options not such a good idea and it should be ruled out as there is definitely a better way.

Bluetooth wireless speakers are a far better option for your Jet Ski and they are getting better and better as technology improves. As long as you know how to attach wireless Jet Ski speakers properly you will be able to enjoy music on the water wherever you go on your PWC marine craft.

Mounts for Attaching Bluetooth Speakers to any PWC

There are plenty of choices when it comes to mounts and brackets for your PWC. One of the better mounts is, of course, Ram Mounts, however, they are not the only option for your Jet Ski speakers.

First of all, you need to choose your mount style. There are options that require the mount to be bolted onto the PWC, which is going to be the most secure option. However, if you don’t want to drill holes into the side of your Jet Ski, there are also several different kinds of suction cup mounts and brackets that may be adequate for attaching Bluetooth speakers to the PWC marine craft.

Check all the options out and make a well-informed decision that you won’t regret later. Think twice before doing anything permanent that may cause damage to your PWC and hurt it’s resale value later.

PWC Brackets

One of the best and popular options of late is a bracket constructed by PWC Brackets that attaches to your Jet Ski via the steering column.

This bracket will virtually hold any tube style Bluetooth Speaker, within reason, of course, and even some of the other shapes.

If you already have a good quality loud waterproof Bluetooth speaker, this is by far a great way to go.

The bracket will fit almost any of the most common PWC’s out there. From Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Honda, and Kawasaki a PWC Bracket could be the way to go on any marine craft. This will make your Bluetooth speaker full integrated with your pwc

If you would like to know more, check out the video or head over to their website and they will be more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have about attaching your Jet Ski speakers and to purchase.

If you need a Jet Ski Bluetooth speaker to go with your new PWC Bracket, check out our great options below. And, of course, you’ll find PWC Brackets recommendation as well the UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker, which is fully waterproof with an IP67 rating. Perfect for marine life.

Ram Mounts

If you choose to go this way using Ram Mounts, there are lots of options and adapters to see and choose from that suit the marine environment.

The most basic option for your PWC will be a Ball Mount, Ram Ball Adapter, and a Ram Double Socket Arm.


When choosing a ball mount you will need to decide if you are going to use some sort of suction cup ball mount or a ball mount that bolts onto your Jet Ski.

This option will allow you to use any Bluetooth speaker, which has an attachment on it, that will allow the ball adapter to screw into it. ECOXGEAR is one of many brands that have a huge range of Jet Ski speakers with this option.

Suction Cup Mounts

If you want a mount, which can be removed easily without leaving any evidence that it was ever attached to your PWC, a suction cup mount is the best option for your Jet Ski.

Just remember, though, to look for suction cups that are vacuum sealed via a latch or screw up to create maximum pressure.

If you’re going to use suction cup mounts on your Jet Ski, they need to be fitted properly and securely. That’s why we would say that suction cup mounts, which can be vacuum sealed, are going to be best.

That way, while you’re out on the water, your Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers will stay attached where you intended them to be.

Suction Cup Tie Downs

Maybe, you want something temporary for a one-off trip or something that’s quick and easy for the Jet Ski.

We would be more inclined to recommend the first 2 options for your PWC, but if you wanted to, these will work as well.

Suction cup tie-downs could be used to simply give you a tie of point or points, allowing you to easily and quickly tie Bluetooth speakers onto your Jet Ski.

Using a Cargo Net to Attach a Bluetooth Speaker to a Jet Ski

If you have no other options and need to attach a Bluetooth speaker to your Jet Ski then a cargo net maybe an option.

It has been done before and does work.

However, it is done by attaching the cargo net around the rear handle on the back of the seat that a passenger may use when they are on the Jet Ski.

Not a particularly good way of attaching a Bluetooth speaker, as not only may it get in the way, but also all the music from your speaker will be behind you.

So, all the music coming from the speaker will most likely be heard behind you, where you have already been and you won’t hear it as you should. It would be far better to mount your Jet Ski speakers at the front of the Jet Ski where the sound will come straight towards you.

Bluetooth Speakers Must-Haves for a PWC (Personal Watercraft)

  1. Must be waterproof
  2. Make sure they’re loud
  3. Long battery life
  4. Decent warranty
  5. Check that mounts can be attached
  6. Bluetooth speakers that pair together
Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers on Ski

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers that could be used for a Jet Ski

The 4 waterproof Bluetooth speakers set out below, tick all the boxes to be used on a PWC marine craft.

All of which is waterproof with an IPX7 waterproof rating and should all be loud enough to enjoy your music out on the water. All of these portable speakers can also pair 2 or more together making them a perfect Jet Ski speaker.

They all have good battery life as well as a reasonable warranty. These are 4 Bluetooth speakers that are suitable to use with mounts on a Jet Ski, although, if you search around, you will find many more that will work as well.

ECOXGEAR EcoEdge GDI-EXEDGE301 Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth Wireless 20 Watt Smart Speaker with Built-in Bottle Opener (Black)

This Bluetooth speaker could be a solid choice for use on any PWC.

It is a good product and is protected by the ECOXGEAR 3 year parts and labor warranty.

This wireless speaker is fully waterproof with an IP67 dust, and waterproof rating.

Moreover, the speaker will float, if for some unexpected reason it does end up in the water.

Two of these speakers are able to be paired with the ECOXGEAR Eco connect system and come with TWS (true wireless stereo) providing you with awesome sound.

Also, if required, while stationary on your Jet Ski you are able to take phone calls as well. The EcoEdge is able to act as a speakerphone system, too. Not a bad option as Jet Ski Bluetooth speakers.

FUGOO Tough Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This tough Bluetooth wireless speaker is another one that has got everything you need to be able to be used on a Jet Ski.

The manufacturer boasts that it is 100% everything proof, which means in regards to water, it is waterproof.

An added extra with this Bluetooth speaker, which may help with being able to hear your music while on your Jet Ski, is the high fidelity outdoor loudness setting.

The only negative thing with the Fugoo range, if you can call it that, is you need to purchase their multi-mount fitting that clamps securely to the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker.

Once this clamp is in place, you can screw any mounts onto it just like the other 2 speakers that we have listed here as examples. That being said, you can now attach it to your PWC in the same way.

ECOXGEAR EcoDrift Waterproof Floating Wireless Speaker

Another Bluetooth speaker by ECOXGEAR, the EcoDrift, has 15watt’s of boom to add to your Jet Ski.

With an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, it is another great option.

Like most of the ECOXGEAR product range, it comes standard with an option to screw on a mount, so you can attach it to a PWC or any other kind of craft you may desire.

If you plan to use your Bluetooth portable speakers for other things, when not using your Jet Ski, then 2 of these speakers may be a good choice.

UE Megaboom 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is dust and waterproof with an IP67 rating.

Unlike a lot of other wireless speakers, it’s been tested for dust and water, hence the IP67 rating.

This portable speaker also floats, just in case it ends up going for a swim.

Being a tube Bluetooth speaker, it will work perfectly with the PWC Bracket and will give you hours of entertainment on the water with your Jet Ski.

More than likely, you’ll be back at home again before the battery goes flat, as it has an awesome 20 hours of audio playtime. Depending on volume this may differ slightly.

The warranty is 2 years, making this Bluetooth speaker a perfect accessory to any Jet Ski.

Bluetooth Speakers and Mounting Kits for Jet Skis

Here are some package options to attach Bluetooth speakers to a PWC. Even though these package options for Jet Skis with mounting kits are advertised for particular Yamaha models, they may fit or be modified for different kinds of PWCs.

If you are looking to buy one of the kits that include Bluetooth speakers, just remember, depending on what your budget is, it may be cheaper to buy a mount and Bluetooth speakers separately.

Also, bear in mind the Bluetooth Speakers’ power output as well. If the Bluetooth speakers don’t have a big enough output, they won’t be loud enough to hear over the engine and the wind rush you get while riding your Jet Ski. The result will be disappointing that you can’t hear your audio.

Yamaha EX & VX Waverunner Audio Package F3Y-H81C0-V0-00

Yamaha FX Waverunner Audio Package – F3X-H81C0-T0-00

Enjoyment and Fun on the Water

With lots of options out there, when it comes to Bluetooth speakers for a Jet Ski or any kind of watercraft, the idea behind this article is to give you some ideas on how to conveniently enjoy audio out on the water.

That being said, all of the Jet Ski Bluetooth speakers that we have added here, have a fantastic battery life that should exceed any amount of time spent out on the water.

There are a lot of wireless speakers with Bluetooth capability to choose from. One of the main points that have been highlighted when we were doing our research was whether the speakers would be loud enough to hear the music over the engine on a PWC.

We have concluded that when you’re looking for Bluetooth speakers for a Jet Ski that it is a good idea to check them out properly before purchasing. The 4 Bluetooth speakers we have listed in this article should be powerful enough to give a reasonable sound when out on the water.

As for the 3 Yamaha packages that are listed, there seems to be a mixture of feedback as to whether the Bluetooth speakers are loud enough. We think this comes down to personal user preference and also how loud the engine of the Jet Ski is.

So, if your PWC marine craft is fairly new and is quieter than older models, this won’t be such a problem for you. If your Jet Ski is a bit louder, then maybe look for speakers that are going to counter this.

Lastly, from the research, we have done and the products that we have looked at, one of the best options from a sound and budget point of view is the UE Boom 3 with a PWC Bracket to enhance your enjoyment while out on the water riding your Jet Ski.

Nothing better than having some audio with you while out on the water and then being able to take it off your Jet Ski to enjoy elsewhere.

This is the flexibility of a Portable Bluetooth Speaker. And the making of awesome Jet Ski Bluetooth Speakers.

Thanks for reading

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