Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers are fully wireless with Bluetooth connectivity.

Convenient and easy to install with no wires needed.

Why would you waste time and money with hardwired speakers, when there are fully wireless marine speakers that can do the job.

Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers Fully Wireless

So we thought it might be useful to put some information together on battery life.

The Convenience of Fully Wireless Speakers for your Wakeboard Tower

Looking at getting some new speakers for your boat or wakeboard towers? Not sure what system to buy?

Too many options and ideas out there to choose from, as well as how and who to get to install it all? Have you considered using fully wireless Bluetooth speakers? In a hurry to set your boat up?

Well, why bother with all the wires and inconvenience. Besides, there is the head unit you have to put somewhere in the dash of the boat. Really, what is the point of it, if you are going to stream your music from your phone or other Bluetooth devices anyway?

What if there was a way to get around all the hours of planning out an install of a boat stereo and marine tower speakers? Well, there is another way.

Rechargeable Bluetooth wireless boat tower speakers are a great option without hours of work and added costs. Easy enough to install, just like any other wakeboard speaker, only without the wires.

You just bolt them onto your wakeboard tower and charge them up. And there it is, your fully wireless Bluetooth marine speaker system.

All that’s left to do is, turn them on, connect them to your Bluetooth device, pump up your music and you are off. Hours of enjoyment instead of hours of installing and waiting. Think of how convenient it is, and the money you’ll save by not having to buy all the extra pieces that you need for a hardwired system.

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Bluetooth Connectivity with Wireless Wakeboard Tower Speakers

This was a great little invention, wasn’t it? Where would we be today without Bluetooth? Just think for a minute about how many devices there are that we use Bluetooth in. Phones, keyboards, hands-free devices, portable speakers, to mention a few.

So, it just makes sense that wireless boat tower speakers are Bluetooth. Many people may think that having Bluetooth on the boat may pick up interference or might not work as well as it does elsewhere.

That being the case then, you would expect, out on the water it would work well, as there would be a lot less to interfere with it, giving you a quality Bluetooth connection.

Given that, Bluetooth seems to be a pretty stable solution these days, it is a great way to go. Any kind of speakers on the boat, that you have today, would most likely have a way of connecting a device through Bluetooth, and for obvious reasons, the best Bluetooth boat speakers have Bluetooth lol.

Finally, when looking for speakers for the boat, you can see that Boat Wakeboard Tower Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are an awesome choice, if not the choice to make!

Bluetooth Wakeboard Tower Speakers Loaded with a Built-in Amp

Ok, first off, let’s talk a little bit about the conventional way of installing speakers and amplifiers. When you hardwire a stereo sound system, you normally have all your speakers amplified through big amps.

Then, you have to do the daunting task of finding somewhere to put them. And this can sometimes be a lot harder than you think, depending on what sort of boat you have. Not only that but once you’ve found where you’re going to put your amp or amps, depending on your sound system, comes the next part.

Running all the wires from the speakers to the amp, then off to the stereo head unit, wherever that may be.

Next, you have to power all of this. So, you would need to run a fused power cable and earth to the amplifiers. Once you’ve spent hours on this, you might have a system that’s ready to go.

However, the problem you might find now is that when you do use your sound system while you’re out on the lake, enjoying the day, it drains your batteries and you end up stranded.

Although, just another extra expense, you could add a second deep cycle battery that trickle charges, and, hey presto, problem solved.

But hey, what’s another little cost, when you have already spent so much installing your awesome new stereo with wireless wakeboard tower speakers.

  1. No wired install
  2. Amp sealed in each speaker
  3. Easy install (with no wiring)

Make it Simple: use Wireless Speakers with a Built-in Amp

So, now let’s make it simple and check this out. What if the amp was built right into the speaker?

That’s another added bonus when you have a set of fully wireless Bluetooth speakers for your boat’s wakeboard tower. The amplifiers are built into the speakers, as a result, eliminating all that hard work and time spent on a conventional install.

Just bolt the boat Bluetooth wakeboard tower speakers on and charge them up, connect your Bluetooth device and enjoy your music. What could be simpler?

Advantages of having Battery Powered Wireless Speakers

What could be the advantages of having battery-powered wireless speakers, you might ask? Well, for one thing, which should be high on your list of importance when boating, is not getting stranded. If it is one thing you don’t want to do, is to get stranded on a boat in a dangerous situation.

Or, what could even be worse for some people, is getting stranded when out with friends for the day, showing off your boat and stereo only to find out when it’s time to go home, your battery is flat.

Discard all the Power Drain and use Wireless Speakers

Not having heavy power-draining equipment on a boat could be one great idea and one of the reasons for having battery-powered wireless speakers.

Also, not having all this equipment frees up space for other things, you may want on your boat. This can be great, if there is a limited amount of space on your boat.

Wakeboard Wireless Speakers can now Become Multiple-use Speakers

Another reason could be that it can make these speakers useful for other things. Maybe, you want some music on the buggy or quad bike. Easy done, unbolt them from your wakeboard tower and bolt them onto whatever else you want to use.

Done! It’s that simple. All that’s left to do is connect to your Bluetooth device and enjoy your music.

Finally, another reason and one that’s probably a factor for a lot of people. Cost. Why spend money on all these extras, amps, wiring, fuse holders, etc.

It’s very cost-effective to go with battery-operated wireless Bluetooth boat marine tower speakers, as it eliminates all that extra cost that you will incur with a hardwired system.

A speaker that is fully wireless amped and has a rechargeable battery all enclosed in one unit, sounds pretty simple and easy. These are just a few advantages of having battery-powered wireless speakers as you can see.

The Best Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Simple, in our opinion.

You should look for good quality speakers made of quality components. If they are metal, you would want to look for stainless steel housings. However, if they are made of aluminum, make sure that it is anodized aluminum.

Nothing worse than having your nice expensive speakers corrode away. Another option could be a housing made of plastic. Although you want to make sure that it is made of a heavy-duty plastic that will withstand UV rays as well as standing the test of time in the rain and salt spray.

Waterproof Speakers and Quality Brackets

Obviously, make sure the speakers are waterproof or of a standard so that they withstand salt spray and the rain. That way you know you have a good product that should last.

Also, look for good quality brackets, so they stay where you put them and want them to last.

You don’t want them falling off a month later and having to go for a swim to retrieve your nice new speakers. That is, of course, if they float.

With wireless speakers, you should be looking for ones that have good batteries that last. Consider the amount of playtime as well, as you don’t want to have to charge them every hour. Charge time should be a factor as well.

Charge time should be reasonable, you shouldn’t have to charge a speaker overnight to get a full charge.

  • Speaker Size of 6.5 inches
  • 6 hrs of playtime from a single charge
  • 3 hrs to charge the built-in battery
  • Hassle-free install 
  • No wires clip on to the tower
  • Bluetooth to your device
  • Simple to use
Boat Speaker Warranty

Looking for a good warranty or guarantee? If you are going to buy a good product, it should come with a good warranty. Especially with a product like this. Being close to water all the time, you want it to work well, but it’s good to know that you are backed up with a good warranty if the unimaginable does happen.

And of course, lastly, go with wireless Bluetooth boat tower speakers that are fully wireless. Take the work and the inconvenience out of installing wakeboard speakers on your boat and go with Bluetooth wireless speakers.

The Best Wakeboard Tower Speaker Setup

If you don’t have a wakeboard tower for your boat you will need to do some research on this. Just remember, when you’re looking for one, to make sure it is made of anodized aluminum. Or stainless steel is a good option too. There are lots of wakeboard towers to choose from too just stick to these 2 metals and you’ll be fine.

Another thing is, to make sure, it is going to attach to your boat properly with the correct brackets, etc. It is a wakeboard tower, so if you’re going to use it as intended, better make sure it is installed properly.

Once you’ve got that done, you would want to look for some speakers. Being that this is The Best Portable Speakers, we will have to recommend that you buy Bluetooth wireless speakers for your boat.

Wireless Speaker Power that’s Required

Now, you need to think about sound and how much of it you want. This will depend on how many speakers you want. Also, which direction do you want the sound to travel in? Front, back, or side. Once you have decided on this you need to look for your speakers.

How much power do you want or not want? We have outlined a couple of choices below, one with more power than the other. They are both 6.5-inch speakers; one with more power than the other. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you could mix and match.

The fact that they are wireless and pair with Bluetooth, your options a pretty much endless with the number of speakers you can have.

As for the brackets, the speakers below come with user-friendly brackets that can be used to easily attach and disconnect the speakers. We would make sure that any speaker you purchase has quality brackets and that they don’t corrode.

Once you’ve got all that sorted, you’re on your way. Go and enjoy the outdoors in your boats and even some wakeboarding while having great music playing.

What are the Loudest Boat Wakeboard Tower Speakers?

If you’re looking for a loud wireless speaker then you wouldn’t look past these. They are fully wireless Bluetooth speakers and are ideal for the wakeboard tower on your boat among other uses.

They are designed for wakeboards and have simple user-friendly brackets for you to attach them. And these are the:

SDX Pro Audio Fully Wireless Bluetooth Marine Speaker By Sondpex 350 Watt

Sold as a pair these speakers are a good size at 6.5 inches in diameter. Cause when it comes to speakers, size matters.

With a built-in class D digital amplifier, you get 350 watts of maximum power output.

Pretty impressive for a fully wireless speaker.

As you can see fully wireless and, of course, they are Bluetooth, no more wires here!

Both speakers have fittings that will allow you to easily fit them onto any wakeboard, rollbar, or roll cage.

Simple and easy to use, no tools needed for install, simply tighten them up with the easy-to-use mechanism and you’re done.

No receiver needed, just connect straight to your Bluetooth device and play your music, nothing else to do but enjoy.

Rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion and will give you 6 hours of playtime. Depending on the level of volume, they may last even longer. A competitive charge time, at 3 hours with the AC and DC chargers, which are included with them.

Built to last, as the whole unit including the speakers, made from durable long-lasting materials.

Lastly, backed by a manufacturer’s 12-month warranty, giving you peace of mind.

So, there you have it! These are, in our opinion, the best wireless wakeboard tower speakers. They are easy and simple to install and take all the worry of having to hardwire everything.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers for the Money

If you’re looking for other great boat wakeboard tower speakers, this one would be the best value for money and is almost truly wireless, like its partner above.

There are a few differences that you need to consider, but that being said, they are the best boat marine tower speakers for the money and they are also for the most part wireless too. We have also put a simple comparison chart together, so you can easily see the differences.

SDX Pro Audio Wireless Marine Speakers by Sondpex 250 Watt

The differences between the 2 of these awesome speakers are as follows:

Lower power on these. You only get 250 watts, which is still a good output.

There is only one battery in the control or home speaker, so there speaker wire and battery wire connecting them together.

Lastly, the cost of these ones is a bit cheaper, which if you’re on a budget and want the cheapest possible, they are the best wakeboard tower speakers for the money.

Comparison Table of Wireless Wakeboard Speakers

Fully Wireless Speakers For your Boat Wakeboard Tower

In closing, we would just like to say that this article was based on the best Bluetooth truly wireless boat wakeboard tower speakers.

We wanted to outline the simplicity of not having to wire a stereo system into your boat and that there are simpler options, especially for the DIYers.

Lightning sound from Wireless wakeboard speakers

That being said, if you go the hardwired path, there may well be other options you would need to consider. Thanks for reading.

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