Bluetooth Speakers for Ceiling | Top 5 Speakers Reviewed 2021

By The Best Portable SpeakersApr 8, 2021

If you’re into your tech gadgets and music or home cinema experience, you are likely to come across and consider speakers with Bluetooth capability as you arrange your audio setup.

Bluetooth is an increasingly prevalent part of our lives and is compatible with many different gadgets and devices.

bluetooth speakers for ceiling

It’s ideal for use around the home and other places such as an office, where you may want to pair multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices up to speakers at the same time, and don’t want the hassle of plugging and unplugging them every time.

Bluetooth speakers are a great way to get a complete wireless setup. And, setting them up in the ceiling keeps them out of the way, stops them from getting knocked off, or risking liquid spills. Such a setup also looks great if you’re after a swish and high-tech look.

What Are Bluetooth Speakers and How Do They Work?

Bluetooth-enabled speakers can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and even a standard PC if it has Bluetooth capability built-in.

The speakers once paired can receive digital audio sound via a wireless signal. They then convert this audio sound to analog audio, amplify it, and play it just as a wired speaker would.

Are Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Worth It?

Bluetooth ceiling audio speakers are very popular and work well generally; they are an easy way to make your setup efficient and convenient without spending a fortune.

Ceiling speakers that are Bluetooth capable overcome one of the fundamental issues, which wired speakers have always struggled with: surround sound. In order to achieve it, you need to spread speakers out, but this means trailing wires all over the place, no matter how carefully you plan.

If you’re trying to modernize and bring high-tech convenience to your home or even your business, Bluetooth ceiling speakers are definitely worth considering, as you work on your audio sound solutions.

What Are Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are the next step in the advancement of Bluetooth tech, making the music listening experience even better; you can simply set the speaker into your ceiling and connect to it any time you want with just a few swipes on your smartphone!

Once connected, start streaming and enjoy your new Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

This is the best way to bring a swish, high-tech vibe to your home, reducing the clutter on your sideboards and disposing of any wires.

You can integrate ceiling speakers into any part of your house, even the bathroom – which is perfect if you want to listen to music in the shower.

Most ceiling speakers are resistant to humidity, meaning they will survive the steam of baths, showers, kettles, and cookers, and you can install them pretty much anywhere indoors, provided they won’t actually get wet, which is highly unlikely if the speakers are in the ceiling!

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Things to Consider when Buying Speakers For a Ceiling

The first and most obvious thing to consider is that you will need to cut holes in the ceiling. This is obviously not practical in every situation, and means you can’t reposition the speaker later (at least, not easily), so think carefully about the positioning of your Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

Consider the room or rooms you want to install these speakers in; are you going to be listening to music in the kitchen? The sitting room? Your bedroom? Think about the aesthetic and how you want these spaces to look overall.

Think about the quality as well; you won’t be changing this audio system in a hurry, so carefully consider your options and their pros and cons before you make any purchases. Read detailed reviews, and compare features such as speaker power, Bluetooth range, cables, etc.

How Many Ceiling Speakers Do I Need per Room?

This depends heavily on the size of your room and the type of speaker that you buy. Find out how big your room is, and test it out with comparable non-ceiling speakers that you can move around. This will give you a rule of thumb to work from.

Ceiling speakers usually come in pairs, and four small ones are generally sufficient for an average-sized home unless you have very big rooms. You can also install two larger ones, but you won’t enjoy such good sound distribution as you would with four ceiling speakers.

How do I Install a Bluetooth Speaker on My Ceiling?

Most ceiling speakers require you to cut a hole in the ceiling, and you will need access to the space behind it in order to run the cables. Often, you will need a professional to help you, although there are some helpful guides online. The installation complexity will depend on the speakers’ design.

Are Ceiling Speakers Easy To Pair?

Yes, most Bluetooth ceiling speakers are designed to be very easy to pair with your device. After all, the manufacturers know their clients aren’t going to want to be climbing on chairs or messing with their speakers later.

Most ceiling speakers have a switch or something similar for activation of their Bluetooth, after which you can use the Bluetooth search to pair your device and the speaker, and then you’re away.

Do Wireless Ceiling Speakers Need Power?

All ceiling speakers will need power in one way or another. Bluetooth ceiling speakers and wireless speakers installed in a ceiling will need to be plugged into mains power or will receive power from an amp.

The added bonus with Bluetooth ceiling speakers is you don’t have to run speaker wires. Bluetooth will do this part of the job for you, thus effectively giving you a wireless ceiling speaker system.

Do Ceiling Speakers Need a Box or Acoustic Hood?

Installing a back box is a big aspect of making the most of the speaker’s sound. No, you don’t have to do it, but if you don’t, you’ll find your audio sound spreads up into the ceiling, rather than being projected into the room.

This can result in music or sound in parts of the house where you don’t want it, and much lower quality music in the room, in which you’re using the speakers.

A speaker back box or acoustic hood will redirect the sound traveling into the ceiling from the speaker back down into the room.

This DynaBox Speaker Enclosure is a great option for improving your sound quality, or you could try the Nylon Ceiling Speaker Protective Cover, which will help keep the dust out of your speaker as well.

Fire Speaker Hoods

Many places legally require you to install fire hoods for your ceiling speakers, and even if your country doesn’t have laws regarding this, it is an important safety feature to consider. These hoods prevent fire from spreading into the ceiling void should an accident happen.

Many ceiling speaker fire hoods, like the Firetopper, will also provide sound insulation, which an acoustic hood does. That means they serve a double purpose.

How Do I Convert My Ceiling Speakers To Bluetooth?

If you installed a ceiling speaker system in your home some time ago, you probably have wired speakers up on your ceiling.

The good news is that you don’t have to change the whole system just to convert it to wireless – you just need an adapter!

You can easily purchase a wireless speaker kit online, which will turn your wired speakers into wireless ones.

Depending on your ceiling speakers, you might have to link an amplifier up with an RCA cable, but this is still a much better solution than having wires trailing all the way to your audio source.

Our 5 Best Picks For Ceiling Speaker Installs

So what are our top favorite picks for Bluetooth wireless speakers for the ceiling? It’s hard to choose as there are many great options out there, but we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you to compare!

Herdio Wall And Ceiling Bluetooth Speakers

These Herdio Wall and Ceiling speakers sit neatly in your ceiling, managing to form a flush finish.

They are available in three different sizes and are extremely easy to install once the hole is cut.

You can get them in 4 inches, 5.25 inches, and 6.5 inches.

With 160-watts max power, these ceiling speakers bring great sound to any mid-sized room and are unobtrusive.

You can control the volume using the device you hook up to the speakers. This means you have full control from your phone to stream or any other device you choose to connect.

Herdio Home Audio Package Wall Mount Control Bluetooth Amplifier Receiver System

Next, the Herdio Home Audio Package Bluetooth ceiling pair of speakers is powerful and offers a USB flash memory reader in its control panel, which also serves as a charging port.

With several handy functions, one of which is a sample source audio control, this is a great gadget.

These ceiling speakers are a bit more powerful, with 300 watts max power, and also offer a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can connect devices without Bluetooth capability.

This makes them among the most flexible options on the mounted ceiling speaker market.

Monoprice Caliber 60-Watt Powered Speakers For Ceilings

If you’re looking for ceiling speakers, which have both Bluetooth functionality and the option to wire them in physically, the Monoprice Caliber speaker might be for you.

They boast a 6.5” fiber woofer and they’re also moisture resistant.

Each speaker has a 30-watt powered amplifier, which increases the quality and power of deep sounds such as bass.

These are particularly good speakers for home cinema setups, where you want to make the most of explosions, crashes, or other deep and resonant sound effects.

Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

If you’re looking for speakers, which you can link up with others, the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speaker is a good place to start. It’s compatible with Amazon Echo and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Lithe Audio speaker boasts a woven kevlar cone, said to produce richer and better audio sound, and the manufacturers have also included a 1.2-inch titanium tweeter to add a wealth of details to your music/movie audio.

These speakers can be powered via your lighting circuit, which is an innovative solution to the power problem, and makes retrofitting them much easier, even if you don’t have drop ceilings or space for cabling behind the speaker.

With the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0 as of March 2020, there is also a setup app, which can be downloaded to assist you with setting up your ceiling speakers. It also allows you to change your speakers’ names as well, in case you have multiple sound system setups across your house.

These speakers can also be connected to our next pick, giving you a more flexible home setup.

Lithe Audio 6.5 Inch 2-Way Passive Frameless Ceiling Speaker, Single

Using Lithe Link, you can connect this passive Lithe Audio speaker with a Lithe Audio master speaker, which is great for covering large areas or linking up different rooms.

You can multi-link each set of these speakers giving you the choice of how many ceiling speakers you have in a room.

Each master speaker has a built-in amp, which powers each pair of speakers, so you simply link each pair of ceiling speakers via their line-in / line-out ports completing a circuit and creating a mono or stereo sound system in each particular room.

multi bluetooth ceiling speaker diagram

Once installed you simply pair your Bluetooth device and start streaming your music.

Pyle Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Pyle Bluetooth Ceiling and Wall speakers come in a selection of sizes and can be used with either Bluetooth or a wired connection.

Easy to install, with great sound and a relatively low price point, this is a very popular option for Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

These speakers offer 300 watts max power and have a magnetic grill that can easily be detached from the speaker front if you need to access the ceiling speaker.

They also have a tweeter, at ½ an inch, helping to enrich their sound offering.

Pyle Wall And Ceiling Bluetooth Speaker System With 4 Speakers

If you want four speakers in one room, the Pyle ceiling Bluetooth and wall system with four speakers is a fantastic pick, offering a particularly sleek aesthetic and a choice of round or square grills so you can choose whichever suits your space.

And they come in white.

They have a ½ -inch compliance polymer tweeter and offer up to 150 watts max power.

Pyle Outdoor Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

What about taking your sound outside? Lounging by the pool? Well, you obviously can’t do that with ceiling-mounted speakers, but if you want to bring your high-tech sound system out of the house, this Pyle Bluetooth wireless speaker sound system is a good option.

It’s specifically designed to be mounted outdoors.

With rust-proof mesh grills in white, a waterproof speaker system, and both Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, this speaker is the perfect addition to any backyard and a must-have for your next pool party.

You can easily connect to these speakers using your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and bring music to the outdoors with the click of a button.

These speakers are easily installed and attached to any outdoor ceiling area without the need of cutting into the ceiling crevice itself. Simply attach them using their brackets, plug into the power, then pair your device, and start to stream your music. Let those pool parties rock.

Superior Audio Experience with Speakers in Your Ceiling

Installing speakers into your ceiling might sound like a daunting task, but it’s a great way to tidy up your sound system, by getting rid of trailing wire and clutter, while creating a sleek, futuristic look.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers are generally easy to pair with any modern device, letting you hook up all your different gadgets and play your music or films at high quality with ease.

This ‘Bluetooth Speakers for the Ceiling | Top 5 speakers reviewed 2021’ article has attempted to unravel the sometimes confusing world of Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

Thus giving you some insight into the different setup requirements and options out there so that you can make the most of your audio sound equipment and create a cinema or sound experience to die for.

room with ceiling for bluetooth speakers
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