Best Fitting Wireless Earbuds for Sports And More

By The Best Portable SpeakersMay 31, 2020

So many things have to be accounted for when looking for the best fitting wireless earbuds.

You have to think about the size of the buds, the shape as well as the weight of them.

Furthermore, you have to also consider the size of your ear.

Best Fitting Wireless Earbuds for Sports and More

Moreover, you need to ask yourself, whether there are any points in the earlobe that become painful when pressure is endured for long periods of time. If you do have this problem, you want wireless earbuds that would not apply this kind of pressure.

An example of such earbuds is the Apple AirPods, which appear to cause pain in the earlobe after wearing them for long periods. A lot of people seem to come across this issue with AirPods or other wireless earbuds that fit the ear incorrectly.

Why Won’t Earbuds Stay in My Ears?

There are several reasons why wireless earbuds won't stay in your ears. Unfortunately, everything you buy today seems to be one-size-fits-all or close to it. So, when it comes to products like Bluetooth wireless earbuds, that’s where the problems can start.

Our ears are made different, which means more often than not the one-size-fits-all approach isn't going to cut it for most people. If you're having issues with wireless earbuds that won't stay in your ears, most likely the earbud tip size is going to be the cause.

If you do have an issue with this, a good idea is to always look for wireless earbuds that have several different tips supplied with them. Other alternatives also include buying additional aftermarket ear tips separately.

Do True Wireless Earbuds Fall Out?

Yes, wireless earbuds can fall out of your ears very easily, if they don't fit correctly. As we just mentioned above, the earbud tip size is a big contributor to Bluetooth earbuds falling out, if the tips are the incorrect size.

Furthermore, if you're running or doing any kind of exercise that causes a lot of movement in particular around your head, then it is quite possible that you are going to encounter this problem.

Most often, the issue can be that the tips for the wireless earbuds that are being used are simply not sealed properly, thus causing movement and allowing the earbud to work its way out of the ear.

How Do I Keep Earbuds in My Ear?

If you have tried everything possible and the suggestions above didn’t help either, then, unfortunately, in order to keep the wireless earbuds in your ears, you will have to start the whole purchasing process again. Obviously, the wireless earbuds you purchased are just not going to work for you.

Taking into account a few things, when you're looking to purchase wireless earbuds, can make a big difference and can even save you not only time but also money.

So, let's start again, and hopefully, your choice of earbuds this time around will be a lot better and you'll have some nice lightweight earbuds that fit your ear perfectly and don't fall out, every time you move.

How Can I Make My Earbuds Fit Better?

By following a few easy steps, which are all specified here in this article, you'll be able to make your wireless earbuds fit a lot better than they do now if you're having problems.

If you do suffer from wireless earbuds falling out of your ears due to sizing issues, then it's just going to be about buying the product that is best suited to your ears.

How are Earbuds Supposed to Fit?

The simple answer here is not always straightforward, but for some of us out there it's going to be a trial and error process.

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Once we find the correct pair of Bluetooth earbuds, they should fit snugly into the ear without applying too much pressure to the earlobe.

If this can be achieved with the correct set of wireless earbuds, then you should have a nice comfortable fit and hardly feel them in your ears.

Best fitting Bluetooth Earbuds

Fitting Earbuds to Ears

When fitting Bluetooth earbuds to your ears, the first thing to look at is to choose the ear tip that's going to be most comfortable. For example, there is no point going for memory foam earbud tips, if they irritate you. So, choose ear tips that are made from a material, you're comfortable with.

Next, look at the sizes and choose the one that is the closest to your ear size that will fit firmly, but won't be too big as this will apply pressure to the ear canal.

Once you decide on the ear tip and it’s fitted onto the Bluetooth earbud, simply twist it into your ear until it is firmly in place. If you have a bit of trouble, push the back of the ear away from your ear a little to help it sit in the ear canal.

After the wireless earbuds are firmly fitted into your ear, an airtight seal should be formed. You should not feel any pain or discomfort. If there is pain or discomfort, chances are, you have chosen an ear tip that is too big for your ear and it's creating pressure on the ear canal. Remove this ear tip and try a smaller one.

On the other hand, if you can't get a firm seal when the earbud is put into the ear or it falls out you have chosen an ear tip that is too small. Go back and choose a larger earbud ear tip and try the process again.

Which Earbuds Stay in My Ear the Best?

Everybody's ears are different, so it’s most likely going to be a personal preference on this one. There are, however, some really firm wireless earbuds that will stay in your ears tightly. Bose has a set of earbuds that will stay in no matter what you're doing.

A lot of people find success with ear hooks on their wireless earbuds such as Beats Pro Earbuds. And others will find Jabra Elites will stay put with no problems.

So, there are a few earbuds, which should stay firmly in your ears, if you have an average set of ears. If not, you'll have to go either the custom route or trial and error.

Best Fitting Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

If you have small ear canals, one of the better options may be small-sized ear tips made from rubber or silicone. Using memory foam ear tips in your ears may cause undue pain from the smaller area.

Remember though, everybody is different, so some people may still be able to use memory foam ear tips.

Best Fitting Wireless Earbuds for Large Ears

Starting with larger-sized ear tips and working down from there until you find the best fit, would be a good option.

Another tip here is that ear hooks or butterfly-like ear tips will work just fine in keeping the earbuds firmly in your ears.

Again, the material, the ear tips are made from, will only make a difference to people, who can be allergic to certain materials.

Custom Fitting Earbuds: Do They Exist and What are My Options?

Is there such a thing as custom fitting wireless earbuds? Yes, there is such a thing! Whether or not you need to go to this extreme to get comfortable fitting earbuds is a whole other thing. If you have exhausted all other avenues in trying to get earbuds to fit properly, then it might be the way to go.

Also, if you already know, your ears are a different size and standard ear tips are just not going to work, then give customizing earbuds a shot.

How Much are Custom Ear Molds?

The price of custom made ear tips do vary. There are a few different ways to customize the earbuds and that will have an impact on the cost. The cheapest option is at around $10 and goes all the way up to $150.

Custom Ear Tips: the DIY Option

The cheapest way will be doing it yourself and using a moldable glue called Sugru.

You simply take this dough like molding glue and create your own ear tips from it by shaping the glue on the end of an earbud under the best fitting ear tip you have. You simply press the earbud with the Sugru glue on it into your ear and press it to the position you want.

The end result is an ear tip that's shaped to fit firmly and comfortably into your ear. Check out the video below on how to make this work for you.

Decibullz Custom Molded True Wireless Earbuds

With a set of custom-molded earbuds by Decibullz, you get the molded ear tips and the sound to go with them.

These guys are on the more expensive side of things, so if you already have a set of good sounding earbuds, it might be best to try the cheap option first.

Although these earbuds are for people, who have problems getting wireless earbuds to stay in their ears, they will most likely solve the problem of not being fitted properly for most people.

Check out the video below, as they are put to the test and pass with flying colors.

Aftermarket Eartips

Another way of tackling the issue could be to look at aftermarket ear tips that may be suitable for your ears.

There are many types and shapes to choose from.

Once you decide, what you want, the ear tips to be made of, rubber, silicone, or memory foam; it's just down to choosing a pack.

The best option, if you're still unsure, maybe to look for packs that have many different-sized ear tips. That way, you have a good chance of getting a pair of buds that will fit firmly and comfortably. Here are a few examples of multi-ear tip packs below, and, generally, you can pick them up for around $10 or less.

Earbuds for Physical Activities

There's an awesome range of Bluetooth wireless earbuds to choose from when chasing a set of buds, which you can use for all sorts of physical activities. If you prefer, there are even Bluetooth earbuds that could be used when swimming.

We have put together some of the most popular wireless earbuds, which people like to use for physical activities such as running, working out, and more.

Earbuds for Running that Don't Fall Out

Here are some of the best fitting wireless earbuds for running that you can find, and there are even more that are suitable, there’s just too many to list them all here.

  • Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones
  • Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Earbuds
  • Jabra Elite 65t Active Bluetooth Earbuds

If you're after ear hooks, then Powerbeats Pro will most likely be what you are looking for.

Wireless Earbuds that are Best Fitting for Sports

The next one, Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Earbuds with Butterfly ear tips, are also a great option, which will provide you with that rich satisfying sound. And lastly, Jabra Elite 65t Active - these are every athlete’s goto for a great sounding run.

What are the Best Wireless Earbuds for Workouts?

When talking about working out, earbuds that best suit this should be waterproof, as sweat is most likely going to be a factor. All of the earbuds mentioned above are pretty good options to use for workouts, as well.

The main thing to remember in finding Bluetooth earbuds that are going to work well when working out is that they fit securely in your ears and they are comfortable.

We have used Soul X Shock Bluetooth earbuds, Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbuds, and Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds and can say that they can all be reasonably comfortable and do stay securely in the ears.

If there are a couple of points, they would be that the Bose SoundSport earbuds sound awesome, but stick out a little and are easily knocked. The other one would be that the Enacfire E18’s being the cheapest are also the lightest.

Other than that, all the wireless earbuds listed here should work fine when fitted correctly. Just chose the best pair of wireless earbuds for your needs.

What are the most comfortable wireless earbuds?

The best and most comfortable Bluetooth wireless earbuds are simply the ones that fit your ears the best. Take into account, what the Bluetooth earbuds are supplied with regards to ear tips and also be aware of how you feel about having something in your ear canal for long periods of time.

Also, when your ears are sealed, there will be a moisture build-up, which can cause itchiness in the ear, too. So, if they suit your requirements, any of these Bluetooth earbuds, mentioned here, can be the most comfortable wireless earbuds.

Here's the End, so Let’s Conclude

If you do have sensitive ears, there are ways around these problems, but even these will not necessarily work for everybody. Depending on your situation, it may still be better to stick to a set of over-ear headphones.

However, if you're looking for the best fitting earbuds for sports and more, you can choose from any of the wireless earbuds spoken about in this article. Just remember, this is only a guide and everybody's ears are different.

Most of the issues that arise with wearing Bluetooth earbuds come from extended use as well as not having the correctly sized ear tips.

If you get that part right, then you'll have a fabulous set of Bluetooth earbuds that will last you for a while.

Handful of the Best Wireless Earbuds
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