On a budget? Just a cheapskate? Whatever the reason is for you landing here on this page, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Yes, here you can find the Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers under $10.

We’ve done the hard work for you and presented below, you will find the best quality speakers available all for under $10,

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Although, two of them are very similar, if not the same. They do have a different name on each of them. Yet, we find them all to be of good quality for the price. If you have a quick look around online, you can clearly see that they all have very good reviews and are reasonably popular. All 3 Bluetooth speakers have been well tested out in the world giving reassurance of the best possible product.

Check them all out below, and depending on your individual needs, you will more than likely find one that works for you. We think, from the 3 options below, there should be one to suit most.

Remember though, although, these speakers are the best quality for under $10, you do get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a big boom wireless speaker for under $10, you will not find that here.

One of the Best Inexpensive Bluetooth Speakers Under $10.

The BONBON wireless speaker has it all for under $10. Great for the shower as it is waterproof, as well as having a suction cup, so you can stick it to the wall. Besides all that, it has a built-in mic, making it able to work as a handsfree speaker for your phone.

Cheap Bluetooth Speakers For All Round Use

If you are, however, looking for a speaker to use at work for a bit of music or something that’s a bit louder than your phone, then these Bluetooth speakers might be right up your alley. Would you believe, one of them is even waterproof, meaning it can be used in the shower.

So, check them out and decide which one is right for you, we’ve given some insights into each of the speakers below to help you choose a great cheap Bluetooth speaker.

WYNCO Water-Resistant Shower Speaker with Bluetooth, Built-in Microphone, and Solid Suction Cup

First up on our list is the WYNCO shower Bluetooth speaker. Fully waterproof, this speaker is great for the shower as you can stick it to the wall with its suction cup. Furthermore, it can be used in the pool, at the beach, and pretty much anywhere else, you might want to take it.

As it is Bluetooth and that it has a built-in mic, it will double nicely as a speakerphone, if needed.

What an awesome warranty this product has. all included in the $10, what more could you ask for at such a cheap price.

By the way, there is more. We’ve done a lot of research and found that this speaker has great customer reviews too.

In addition, it has a reasonable battery life for such a cheap little speaker.

Generally, you will get 5 hours of playtime from this cheap little Bluetooth speaker. Furthermore, it will take between 2-3 hours to charge when on the charger. As a rule, you will need to keep an eye on it when charging, as it doesn’t turn off when it’s charged.

Lastly, it will turn off when left inactive after using, which is a power-saving bonus.

Ruoi Mini Stereo Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker, MP3 Player with Built-in Mic, FM Radio and SD/TF Card Play Music for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, PC and more.

Cool for some people, this Bluetooth speaker has flashing led lights. They don’t seem to do anything in particular though, just flash. As a result of this, it might be an annoying speaker to some people.

The 6-month warranty seems too good to be true for the price. It’s gotta be one of the best for a speaker priced under $10.

Compared to others, it is a small and lightweight portable speaker, which can be an advantage, depending on where you want to take it.

In addition to other speakers, this one will take an SD card, if you so desire, to put audio on it to listen to. It is an especially great idea for people out there, who have a small amount of memory on their phones.

The speaker has a fairly reasonable battery life, giving you a whopping 5 hours of playtime, being how cheap this speaker is. 

Charging, as like most Bluetooth devices these days, is through a USB cable, which should come supplied with the speaker. The USB cable acts as an antenna for the inbuilt FM radio too.

In summary, a few things to remember with this speaker. First off don’t jump, when you turn it on, as it has a loud startup voice. Hence, some people plug headphones into the speaker when they power it on, as to not hear the startup voice. Especially, when working in an office environment, you can turn the volume down low, if needed, without any trouble.

Finally, the volume is reasonable for such a cheap speaker, but you wouldn’t make any excessive annoying noise with this one. Good little speaker for the price, but not a rock concert. One of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $10.

Zosam Mini Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, LED Mood Lights for Home, Speaker with HD Sound, 4H Play-time, Built-in Mic, TF Card Slot, and FM Radio.

The Zosam mini wireless speaker is very similar to the Elemusi speaker above, it has a slightly lower battery life rate at 4 hours. Given the fact that it would most likely depend on the way, you use it. If you listen to your music at a lower volume, you would most likely get more time out of the battery.

This speaker comes in a multitude of different colors, which most often isn’t an option.

Similarly, as with the Bluetooth speaker above, you get a built-in FM radio with a USB cable that doubles as an antenna for the radio.

Beyond that, it also has a mic, allowing it to be used as a hands-free device with your mobile phone.

In addition, it has an SD card slot, which is fantastic if you don’t want to store your music on your phone. You can simply insert your SD card and away you go, listen to your music until your heart’s content.

LED lights to help you set the mood, although, a lot of people seem to say that they just flash and are annoying. We guess it is a personal preference.

Finally, the warranty seems pretty awesome, as they provide a 30-day free exchange or refund and a 12-month replacement.

Comparison Chart of Bluetooth Speakers Under $10

ProductProduct ImageBattery LifeWaterproofSuction CupLED LightsFM RadioHands Free Purchase
BONBON Portable Wireless Speaker4 hrsYesYesNoNoYesBuy on Amazon
Ruoi Portable Wireless Speaker5 hrsNoNoYesYesYesBuy on Amazon
Zosam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker4 hrsNoNoYesYesYesBuy on Amazon

The best under $10

In closing, we think that all of these speakers are pretty awesome for $10. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to what you are looking for in your budget $10 speaker.

All 3 make would make great gifts and are supplied with chargers as well. Small enough to easily fit in bags too.

Evidently, you are not going to receive a high-end super bass, super loud Bluetooth speaker for this price.

What you may receive though, is one of the Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers under $10.

The choice is yours! Grab one today.

And the Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $10 is

You really can’t go past the BONBON speaker, given it is waterproof, making it able to go virtually anywhere. Also, being able to put it just about anywhere with the giant suction cup that it comes with, makes it convenient to use.

This is the Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $10, in our opinion.

(Disclaimer). At the time of writing this article, all of these speakers were under $10. However pricing is open to change at any time, thus some speakers may increase in price with no prior warning.

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