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By The Best Portable SpeakersOct 8, 2021
Bluetooth speakers with an AUX Input are perfect for use wherever you are.

There are some excellent portable options that you can take along to make sure your music can be enjoyed by everyone.

Having an AUX-In cable is a great idea that increases the flexibility of a wireless speaker and means you don’t have to depend on your phone for your music.

Why A Bluetooth Speaker Has an AUX Input

Bluetooth speakers have AUX Inputs, so they can be used with non Bluetooth enabled devices as well.

Also, if you are an audiophile and want to get superior audio sound quality, a physical cable is your best option. That’s where the AUX cables come in handy. AUX Input is transmitted through a wire; you can’t use a wireless transmission for this.

If your Bluetooth speaker didn’t have an AUX Input, you wouldn’t be able to make the most of the sound it can produce.

By including AUX Inputs in their Bluetooth speakers, manufacturers ensure that you can maximize the value of the speaker you purchase and enjoy the full range of sound it is capable of producing.

Speakers that are equipped with an AUX jack also allow you to connect to pretty much any device, as AUX-In ports are very commonly available.

So, as we mentioned above, you will not be limited to streaming music from your mobile device. With AUX you will be able to play audio from a computer, TV, radio, stereo system and so on, provided these have an AUX jack and a cable is available.

Bluetooth and wireless tech are fabulous for enjoying music day-to-day, but when you want to boost the sound and really make the most of a favorite tune, you’ll want to link up with an auxiliary cable to ensure you get the best possible audio sound and have the flexibility to play from almost any device.

How To Use AUX Inputs On A Bluetooth Speaker for Audio

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Using an AUX-In on your Bluetooth speaker is pretty simple. You just need to link your auxiliary input up to the device you want to play from using an AUX cable.

Make sure that you put your cable into the “input” on your speaker, and the “output” on the device you wish to play from.

Now, switch your device to “aux” (this may be a knob on the speaker or a button in the settings), and set the song playing. Your speaker should start taking its input from the auxiliary cable and the device sending it, rather than depending on a wireless signal, and you should notice improved sound quality as a result of this.

Do Bluetooth Speakers Have A Headphone Jack?

Some Bluetooth speakers have a headphone jack, but many do not. If you want to plug your headphones in, you will need to connect them directly to the device that you are playing the music on.

However, if this isn’t practical for you, there are a few Bluetooth speakers that do offer headphone jacks.

You can also buy a small device that serves as a Bluetooth earpiece and has a headphone jack. This would let you turn any cheap pair of headphones into a Bluetooth pair, but it is not a very high-quality piece of kit and many people find it irritating.

If a headphone jack is important to you, you can probably find a Bluetooth speaker that has it, but you’ll need to search specifically as most Bluetooth speakers wouldn’t have a headphone jack.

Our 5 Best Portable Speakers with Power

What the best portable speaker is depends a bit on your criteria. We’re going to cover some top portable Bluetooth speaker options in terms of weight, battery life, audio sound quality, and portability.

Each of these speakers has some great pros as well as a few cons to watch out for. So, take a look and decide which one might be right for you.

JBL Boombox 2 - Made for Portable Sound

If you want a serious loudspeaker that will liven up any party anywhere, this is the one. It’s a powerful portable speaker with some incredible bass capacity and a waterproof design that makes it perfect for use both - indoors and outdoors.

So, if you’re partying by the pool, you won’t need to worry about splashes and even the speaker falling into the water.

It has up to 24 hours of battery life and takes around 6.5 hours to charge. It’s easy to have this portable Bluetooth speaker ready whenever you need it, and it should be perfectly capable of handling a long party without giving up. Furthermore, it also has a 3.5 mm audio cable input along with its Bluetooth capability.

This Bluetooth speaker does weigh about 13 pounds, though. So, in terms of portability, it’s a bit lacking. It’s a little on the bulky side and won’t slot into a bag as easily as some other options on the market.

However, if you’re looking for this sort of sound quality and battery life, you have to sacrifice somewhere – and as long as you’re going to be carrying a bag, it should be okay to take this speaker along.

It even has a built-in power bank, so you can charge other devices from it, although bear in mind that this will affect the battery life!

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II Wireless Speaker

If you’re looking for 360-degree audio sound, this is the speaker for you. It projects sound in all directions, so you can put it anywhere and enjoy the music throughout the room. It’s only water-resistant, but that should be enough for a pool party or a day at the beach.

This speaker has up to 13 hours of battery life, so not quite as long as the JBL Boombox 2, but that’s plenty for any event you might want to take it to.

It weighs around 1.5 lb., making it an attractive and far more portable alternative.

So, if size and weight matter to you, this Bluetooth speaker is a good choice.

It also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, but doesn’t offer a charge bank for other devices.

Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speaker That’s Portable

Another speaker that boasts a full 24-hour battery life. This one weighs around 6.5 lb. It represents a nice middle ground; it’s more portable than the JBL Boombox 2, but has better battery life than the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II.

Waterproof, with great bass and clear vocals, this speaker can go anywhere with you. It is wide angled to create a good wave of sound (although it doesn’t have 360 degree sound) and its colored lights will flash in time to the beat of the music. These can be turned off, if you prefer your music without.

Admittedly, if you put the speaker into Extra Bass mode, you’ll only get about 14 hours of battery at the most, but this flexibility is great, putting you in control.

You can stand the speaker either horizontally or vertically, and its USB Type-C charging port means it will charge superfast.

If you’re not fussed about the bass, or you really want the maximum playtime, you can extend the battery life by not using the Extra 

Best Small Portable Option: The Anker Soundcore Mini With AUX-In

For anyone serious about the “portability” aspect of these speakers, the Soundcore Mini by Anker is the way to go. It weighs 8.8 ounces and measures less than 3 inches in each direction, making it perfect for stowing in a backpack when space is tight.

If you’re traveling a lot, this is the ideal speaker to take along. Despite its small size, it has excellent audio sound quality, using a passive subwoofer and 5W audio drive to ensure you can make the most of your music.

It also offers about 15 hours of battery life, so it should hold up, even if you’re on the go a lot.

It has a micro SD slot, an AUX-In jack, and FM radio capability to offer a range of different options while you’re on the move.

If AUX-In and portability are what matters to you, this is the perfect speaker.

Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker Option: OontZ Angle Solo With AUX-In

Even lighter (under 8 ounces) but a little bulkier, this portable speaker is a more budget-friendly option for you to consider. It doesn’t quite hold up to the Soundcore Mini’s battery life, but still offers a solid 10 hours of playtime.

This Bluetooth speaker with AUX Input will let you play audio from devices other than your phone, if you want to, and its Bluetooth capability works up to 100 feet (with no obstructions).

It’s water-resistant, swish and offers good volume even from a distance.

For something so small, the OontZ Angle Solo is pretty powerful, although 5 watts represent its maximum.

All-in-all, it’s a great Bluetooth speaker, if you want a cheaper speaker that’s still good quality and will let you enjoy your music on the go.

Conclusion: Top 5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers with AUX Inputs

There are some fantastic portable Bluetooth speakers with AUX inputs on the market, and you don’t need to sacrifice portability to get this feature – as proved by the OontZ Angle Solo and the Soundcore Mini.

With the broad range to choose from, you might have difficulty making a final decision, but this means you should be able to find something budget-friendly that still does what you need.

Portable speakers needn’t mean lower quality, and these portable Bluetooth options all offer fantastic audio sound.

Although, the smaller you go, the less capacity your wireless speaker will have to produce good, powerful bass.

So, bear this in mind when making your choice, so you can become a proud owner of one of the best Bluetooth speakers with AUX input.

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