Battery Care for Maximum Bluetooth Speaker Life

By The Best Portable SpeakersSep 19, 2020

Bluetooth speakers are a product of the new age of technology aimed at improving the entertainment aspect of life.

They belong to a group of speakers known as wireless speakers.

In this article, we will discuss how to look after a Bluetooth speaker in order to get the longest life out of it.

battery care for maximum bluetooth speaker life

We’d all like that, right? Well, let’s get right to it.

Advantages of Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers work by enabling the sending and receiving of audio signals via the use of radio frequencies.

For Bluetooth speakers, a one-on-one link is set up between the speaker and your devices, such as a smartphone or a computer. The digital audio data is then transmitted through a process called pairing.

The pairing of digital devices via Bluetooth has revolutionized the industry by eliminating the use of audio cables.

Being that most of us have interacted with these cables somewhere at some time, we all can relate to the fact that they can be a frequent source of headaches. They can tangle up and be a tripping hazard for everyone from the visiting in-laws to the cat.

The cables are also often exposed and since they are very prone to wear and tear, they become dangerous or can cause other issues. Naked wires are also a health hazard when they come into contact with water and can shock you silly – or even worse, cause an electrical fire.


The biggest advantage of Bluetooth speakers lies in its versatility and portability. They provide you with entertainment any time you want it and anywhere you are. They can be carried around without much fuss and are generally as great for the outdoors as they are for the indoors.

Low power usage

Another advantage includes low power consumption. Bluetooth speakers take up minimal amounts of power to fully charge and are one of the smallest contributors to the city's electricity bill, so you do not need to worry about power consumption.


battery care for maximum bluetooth earbud life

When looking to purchase a wireless speaker, do not let the size fool you.

Even some of the smallest of these modern devices can fill up the entire room with music that will be roof lifting.

Everything from reggae to country music is propagated across the room clearly as you would like, down to the very last tune.

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And, they do this while taking up the least possible amount of space. You literally get the most bang for your buck.

Price Range

They are also fairly cheap and it seems that the supply exceeds the demand, which allows for more varieties, colors, and styles to choose from. And this in turn means that you’re more likely to land a good balance of quality and price. A good buy is almost always guaranteed.

How Components of a Bluetooth Speaker Determine Battery Life

Now, having gone through why Bluetooth speakers are such an awesome and valuable invention for our everyday lives, we can get to the point of the matter.

Bluetooth speakers, on average, provide about ten to twenty hours of battery life. It is important to note that this number largely varies from one device to another, depending on quite a few factors.

Some devices can give you as low as four to eight hours, while others can go well above twenty hours. This is all relevant to the size of the battery that is installed in the device.

The mode of connection, of course, goes a long way in determining how long the speaker’s battery will last.

The two connection modes are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Connecting using Bluetooth generally ensures that you will enjoy your music for longer periods – up to twenty hours, depending on the speaker.

Connecting via Wi-Fi, on the other hand, means that the device will retire sooner. A device with a similar size battery if connected via Wi-Fi will provide only up to eight hours of service on a single charge.

Underwhelming, however, still great for parties. Nonetheless, there is not really any justification for using anything other than Bluetooth.

Charging your Bluetooth Speaker for Long Periods of Time

Let us move on to the question that draws divided opinions among technicians and consumers alike. This query has been repeated an uncountable number of times in appliance shops, and it goes: Can I leave my Bluetooth speaker charging for long periods of time? The answer is ‘Yes’.

You see, the basis of this question is a simple fact that most people prefer leaving their devices charging and then proceeding to do other things. Not many people are patient enough to stick around for a four-hour charge period so that they can be present to unplug the device once fully charged.

An even larger percent likes leaving their devices plugged in while going to sleep as they are assured that it will be fully charged by the time they wake up.

Keeping a Bluetooth Speaker Plugged in and are there Dangers?

So, the questions are:

  • Is this dangerous?
  • Will it damage the battery or decrease my Bluetooth speaker’s life?
  • And lastly, which is healthier: to use the speaker’s battery until it is empty then charge it, or keep it always plugged in?
keeping a bluetooth speaker plugged in is ok

To help us answer these questions, we turn to our good old friend, science. According to related physics, the battery generally used in Bluetooth speakers comprises two electrodes. These are the cathode and the anode.

Power to run the device is generated by pushing ions from their favorite electrode to the electrode that they hate. The ions that are simply not able to stand that electrode, push to go back to their preferred electrode. This journey requires energy. Thus, the ions generate power in the process of pushing back.

When your battery is either almost full or almost empty, it means that one of the electrodes is almost full. The ions are herded on one side and when this happens, it becomes difficult for them to find places they can anchor themselves to comfortably. This is when things get rough.

The ions get hot, restless, and start releasing more power, but now, in the form of kinetic energy. Let us tell you why this is very bad news. You see, kinetic energy is the energy in moving particles. Now, when the ions start moving about randomly and aimlessly, it messes the whole place up.

On a low energy level, this scenario is manageable. However, if the situation escalates without being checked, the ions become destructive. They can go as far as destroying both anodes and everything in between during their wave of riot. When this happens, the battery dies along with your device’s usefulness.

If this was the case with every Bluetooth speaker, people would be up in arms. The customers would demand a refund to bankrupt the manufacturers, not to mention the expected litigation. The blowback on the company would be large enough to drive it to the grave.

As a result, a battery protection circuit has been developed, which as the name subtly suggests, protects the battery. It works by disconnecting the battery before it completely runs flat.

On the other extreme end, it slows down the charging to a trickle when the battery is almost fully charged, to prevent the ions from getting too crowded, as we had previously mentioned.

This double protection completely disarms the ions and turns them into the harmless reliable servants that we all know and love.

To answer the question again, no, there are no dangers in keeping your Bluetooth speaker plugged in even when it’s completely charged.

It is totally safe to leave your wireless speaker charging overnight or to use it while it is plugged in.

The device is built to connect or disconnect before the end of each cycle when things start getting out of hand.


If it fails to do so, you can claim for damages under your warranty. Make sure never to lose the receipt and the warranty card that come with the device when you buy it. Hopefully, you will never need them, but you never know if you will.

Protection against other electrical Mishaps

Bluetooth devices do not have any mechanisms to protect them from other electrical mishaps. For example, they are not built to withstand electric surges.

A sudden and great increase in electric current will completely fry a Bluetooth speaker and leave you counting losses.

To protect against this risk, there are devices on the market that are called surge protectors or circuit breakers. Just find one that suits your needs and budget, connect it to the circuit breaker, and then insert the circuit breaker into the socket.

Extension cords are also notorious for blowing and shorting for no particular reason. Hence, the importance of a circuit breaker for protection.

Battery Power and Playtime

In relation to long battery life, some companies in the industry have really outdone themselves. The title for the best battery life in the world for a Bluetooth speaker is currently held by Altec.

Their best product offers a whopping sixty hours of non-stop entertainment. Interestingly, competition is not even close. This company occupies all five of the top ten positions. They are best on the planet at what they do by a long shot. Samsung, Sony, and Fugoo are also honorable mentions.

Do’s and Don'ts for Extended Battery Life

Onto a few Do’s and Don’ts when using your Bluetooth speaker in order to ensure you extend its life. Do not leave your device for long periods of time without charging it. Ensure you charge it every once in a while, to help keep the battery in working order.

Also, avoid exposing your speaker to the elements of weather and extreme conditions. Direct sunlight or rain is a sure way to send yourself back to the shops. Direct heat and extreme cold are also a big ‘No’. Ensure the device is always stored in a fair and dry environment.


Having gone through everything there is to know about extending the life of your Bluetooth speaker, we think it is only fair that we stop here and give you time to actually enjoy it.

Have a great time.

Bluetooth speaker battery life
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