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By The Best Portable SpeakersJan 12, 2022

Avantree has been around for quite some years now, and they are well known for their earbuds among their huge range of other cool audio products.

The TWS116 true wireless earphones are one of the more recent releases from Avantree, and they are a high selling items in the earphones/buds category online.

avantree tws116 earbuds review

Let's take a look at what sets these over ear wireless headphones apart from other models like them.

Features that the Avantree TWS116 Over Ear Wireless Headphones Have

Mono and Stereo Options - If you want to use just one earbud, you can. You simply choose which earbud you want to use and take it out of the charging case. The software will automatically detect which earbud is being used and connect accordingly. So, you can choose left or right for mono play and connect both for full stereo mode. 

This is a feature that can be handy depending on your preference and is not available with a lot of other Bluetooth earbuds.

Reasonable Battery Life - TWS116 earbuds come with plenty of battery life. You get around 7 hours of playtime from the earbuds themselves and an additional 56 hours of playtime from their sleek charging case.

From being completely flat, the earbuds will recharge via the case in just 2.5 hours and the charging case will charge in around 3.5 hours from flat. So, plenty of battery power to make sure your earbuds keep going when you need them most.

Charging is done via a modern USB-C charging cable, which means you only need to carry one kind of cable, if you're traveling. This is convenient, as often the same USB cable can be used to charge other devices or transfer files when the Internet is slow or not available.

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Bluetooth 5.0 - The latest Bluetooth technology gives you a stronger, uninterrupted connection. Bluetooth 5.0 reduces energy consumption as well as  provides better range than older versions. Also, from this version on, the audio lag has been substantially reduced, giving the end user a better all-round experience.

Low Latency - Perfect for TV and Movies - The Avantree TWS116 has a common codec installed, which is referred to as SBC (Sub Band Coding). Without getting too technical, this is a different way of saying A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Quality).

This means that these earbuds will produce less latency issues than many other earbuds out there. However, they still won't be as effective as the ones that have AptX low latency codec installed. Therefore, if you want to have the most perfect video experience possible, you would be better off purchasing earphones that have AptX ll. Bear in mind, though, for this codec to be effective the device sending the audio signal and your Bluetooth earbuds must both have it.

That being said, here are the stats, so you can easily see what the lag time would be with a set of TWS116 Earbuds rather than a set of earbuds that have AptX ll installed.

Button controls - When it comes to powering the earbuds on and off - this happens automatically. When you remove them from the charging case they turn on and when you put them back inside the case they turn off.

There is also a button on each bud, and you can use either one. Play, pause, volume control, track selection, taking calls can all be done with ease from either of these buttons. You can even activate voice assistants such as Siri and Google assist this way too.

Pairing is made simple and is done by using either of these same buttons as well. Aventree has an in-depth manual that is easy to follow to guide you through all of this, too. This makes using these earbuds a breeze.

LED lights - There is an LED light on each of the earbuds that flashes blue or red, which lets you know when they are paired. The lights will also flash red to let you know when the battery needs recharging. Again, in the manual, you will find in-depth information on what each light color and their flashing sequence means.

Wireless Earphone Design

Let’s look at the design that the TWS116 wireless earbuds have. Avantree has been designing and manufacturing audio products for over 20 years, and in this time they have come to produce some incredibly high quality yet affordable Bluetooth products on the market today.

The TWS116 is no different. These earbuds feature a clever design with no dangling wires or cables, which is perfect when you're looking for earphones that will not interfere during activities such as running, walking or exercising.

The TWS116 are also designed with a secure fit, so they will not fall out of your ear when moving. The hook design allows these earbuds to sit on the outside of your ears.

  • Mono and  Stereo
  • 7 Hour Playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Low Latency

There is no pressure applied to the inner ear as nothing goes into your ear canal like other earbuds. Perfect, if you get pain from pressure in the ear canal, which is common for people with sensitive ears.

This feature also means that if you wear hearing aids, then you can sit the TWS116 earbuds over your hearing aids and enjoy watching your TV just the same as anyone else.

If you are someone who suffers pain from ear canal pressure, then the design of the Avantree’s TWS116 will most likely suit you. Although, you still need to consider that they sit over your outer ear, which may cause problems for some people.

Audio Quality and Performance

Looking at sound quality and overall performance, the TWS116 aren’t bad. You can expect crystal clear sound that is crisp and precise, but don't look for it to have a deep bass like you might find in other models of earbuds.

We would say, if you're looking for a quality reasonably priced set of buds for watching TV or the odd movie, then the TWS116 earbuds will provide you with what you are looking for.

They are low latency, so you should not experience any lag in audio, giving you the perfect audio experience.

Tip: If you're a person who likes that cinematic experience with explosive bass, then these wireless earbuds are not going to suit you. These earbuds are designed for the person looking for quality audio sound at a reasonable price.

If you're after a high-end product that produces big bass, then you should look into another set of earbuds or headphones, as these are not suitable for that level of performance.

Are These Wireless Over-ear Headphones Good for TV and Movies?

  • Mono and  Stereo
  • 7 Hour Playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Low Latency

Of course, these earbuds are good for watching TV and movies.

With no cables dangling around, you won't get caught up in the wires while watching your favorite show or movie on that big TV screen.

The TWS116 are particularly great for people, who struggle with hearing and have to wear hearing aids.

With these buds, there is nothing going inside the ear canal like with most other models, which makes them more comfortable than others on the market today.

Just remember, as mentioned above they will not produce big bass, so, if that's what you're looking for, it's best to look at different earbuds. But, for the average person, who just wants to watch a bit of TV, these would be perfect.

Is Avantree a Good Brand?

Avantree is an affordable brand, which makes a wide range of Bluetooth products. They have been around for over 20 years and have more than 40 different products ranging from speakers, earbuds, headphones and dongles. 

They even produce Bluetooth receivers and transmitters. And most of their products are equipped with low latency technology, which is perfect for interaction with your TV. Thanks to their implementation of low latency technology, you can say goodbye to those out of sync lips on your TV screen.

Avantree gives a 12-month warranty on all of their products, which is fairly standard for Bluetooth devices. The warranty protects against material defects or factory errors in manufacturing and provides a replacement product, if required.

Also, when purchasing from any of your favorite marketplaces online such as Amazon, eBay, etc., you have the option to extend the warranty.

As long as you purchase from one of the AventreeDirect sellers and register your product with Aventree within one month of purchase you will receive a 2-year warranty. 

This is a pretty good deal, and not every manufacturer offers this kind of deal.

  • Mono and  Stereo
  • 7 Hour Playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Low Latency

Good Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

So, there you have it. The TWS116 true wireless earbuds are designed for people who  want a quality sound at an affordable price. They deliver what they advertise and are perfect for watching TV or movies on your big screen TV without any messy cables to get caught up in.

Avantree is a good brand with many products, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs from their low latency tech that will provide you with the best audio experience possible.

We think that these earbuds make an excellent choice, if you're looking for quality, affordability and more importantly comfort.

Moreover, without wires dangling from them like some other models of earbuds do, which can lead to discomfort after long periods of use.

And lastly, if you wear hearing aids, they are most likely one of the best true wireless options out there.

avantree tws116 over ear
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