Let’s see, if these Under Armour Bluetooth earbuds have what it takes to bear the Under Armour name.

They are a sleek modern set of earbuds that would suit well any modern sporting enthusiast.

They are light easy to use and most of all customizable to any ear.

jbl under armour flash earbuds

JBL Under Armour Flash Earbuds Customization

Aside from having silicone earpieces, this JBL model doesn’t have much left-over for customizing features. JBL Under Armour Flash earbuds were designed for sporting enthusiasts, who like to hear rich sounding music that isn’t overpowering.

The only other thing that can be customized, is the volume control. It can be easily achieved through your smartphone. It might seem limited and very simple, however, for earbuds that are meant to be used for exercise, you don’t want to be too distracted when you’re running up or down a hill.

Overall Earbud Design

They say that there’s a product for everyone. We think that this is certainly the case for JBL’s new Under Armour Flash wireless earbuds. Sporty people will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot with JBL’s classic sporty design.

Not only do these fit nice and snug, but they will also take a beating while you are doing all the types of activities you like most. From running to working out at the gym, these earbuds were made for people that are always on the go.


There aren’t a lot of settings that come with these JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash headphones.

There is a talk-through and awareness mode, which are accessible from the left earbud.

The talk-through mode simply makes a conversation easier to hear when you talk on your phone. The awareness mode gives the ability to hear what’s going on around you easier. This mode works well in situations like when you’re jogging around the city where little noises might be drowned-out.

On the right side, earbud buttons are used for playbac