3 Cheap AirPod Alternatives in 2020

By The Best Portable SpeakersJan 21, 2020

A lot has happened in the last year in the portable sound world and this year will be no different.

Apple has released new AirPods to go with its new iPhone 11 and, of course, they are compatible with earlier iPhones as well.

3 cheap airpod alternatives in 2020

Although, their one-size-fits-all approach with AirPods is not going to suit a lot of people, as Apple seems to keep forgetting everyone's ears are different.

So, we thought, we would put together some questions around alternatives to AirPods and have chosen 3 Cheap AirPod Alternatives in 2020, and they are all truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds. We think they will work as a fantastic alternative to the one-size-fits-all option of the AirPods.

Is there a Cheaper Alternative to AirPods?

This question gets asked a lot and the simple answer is ‘Yes, there definitely is’. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from. In fact, if you were to spend the same amount of money that it costs to purchase Apple’s AirPod Pro’s on a set of alternative earbuds, you would end up with a pretty awesome high-end product, we’d say.

Cambridge Audio’s Melomania 1 Bluetooth Earbuds are a good example of this. You can purchase two sets of these Bluetooth earbuds basically for the cost of Apple's AirPod Pro’s.

But, for this article, we have decided to go with 3 sets of Bluetooth earbuds that are all under the $100 dollar mark and are of different price points. That way people with various budgets have a choice of buying quality Bluetooth earbuds for a cheaper price.

Also, depending on what your budget is, you may still choose to go with the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Bluetooth earbuds, which are over and above all a fantastic choice. Check out our review here.

Do AirPods do Anything Special when Connected to an iPhone?

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There are a couple of things that AirPods may do, however, there are other earbuds out there that can do pretty much the same thing as the AirPods do. It's just worded differently. AirPods Pro have, what they call, ‘Active Noise Cancelation’, which cancels out the unwanted sound with other sound giving you an uninterrupted experience.

This is just a fancy name for what everyone else calls noise-canceling. With AirPods Pro this option can be turned off if you want, so you can hear what’s going on around you. This is what Apple calls ‘Transparency Mode’.

The only other difference may be in regards to Smart Assistant and Audio Sharing. Most other Bluetooth earbuds will work with Siri or other smart assistants, such as Google or Alexa. Audio Sharing may be achieved by other Bluetooth earbuds as well, but you would need to check the rest of their functionality out before you decide to purchase.

So, when you get down to it, the AirPods Pro kind of, but don’t really do anything special or different from other Bluetooth Earbuds.

That being said, any of the 3 cheap AirPod alternatives in 2020 below will suffice.

Can I use Alternative Earbuds with my iPhone?

iPhone users would find it good to know that there is no difference, alternatives are going to be the same as any other Bluetooth receiver or device. You will be able to connect any kind of earbuds with your iPhone. We have used many Bluetooth earbuds with iPhones and haven't had any problems to date.

Therefore, using cheap AirPod alternatives with your iPhone through Bluetooth connectivity isn't going to be a problem.

Hunt out those cheap alternative Bluetooth earbuds with great sound and you'll be glad you saved the dollars.

Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

When it comes to an iPhone, as we have mentioned above, there really isn't anything special or different with Bluetooth connectivity than say an Android device, Huawei or any other smartphone that has Bluetooth.

This simply means that you should buy the Bluetooth Earbuds that are going to best suit your needs.

If you know what you are going to be using them for, then all that's left to do is find a comfortable set of Bluetooth earbuds and crank them up, enjoy the music while you are working out at the gym or whatever else you may be up to.

AirPod Alternatives for Phone Calls and Handsfree

Trying to find a good quality alternative to AirPods for making hands-free calls can sometimes be a challenge. Some Bluetooth Earbuds can sometimes struggle to provide a good clear calling experience. If you are looking to use your earbuds primarily for phone calls, make sure you look specifically at the calling experience of the Bluetooth earbuds.

In particular, you want to make sure you have a good strong Bluetooth connection, which quite often can be achieved by having your mobile phone close to your Bluetooth earbuds.

The other main characteristic, to keep an eye out for, is the mic. Some Bluetooth earbuds will have dual microphones, which is going to help whoever you are calling to hear you more clearly.

Lastly, we would say when you have settled on a set of earbuds or one of our 3 cheap AirPod alternatives in 2020, scout the internet for user reviews. You will soon see if there are any issues with the connectivity of your chosen ones.

AirPod Alternatives for Android

When it comes to AirPod alternatives, there’s not a lot of difference between any other mobile phone. We can't say there would be a lot of demand for AirPods with Android devices, given how many choices there are for earbuds.

Why would you buy AirPods, when you don't have an iPhone? Maybe you like the comfort of them or for whatever other reason, but it sounds rare. So, there are plenty of Bluetooth earbuds that are going to work super well with an Android device, you just have to find that one that would suit you best.

AirPod Alternatives for Running

For whatever reason, if you are not happy with the AirPods that you acquired for your running activities, there are plenty of alternatives out there. In fact, it doesn't really matter, if you are using earbuds for running, at the gym, while swimming or any other kind of physical activity, there are earbuds out there that will work perfectly for you.

If you’re finding that you’re getting pain in your ears or the AirPods just won't stay in your ears, it’s more than likely, that they are not the correct fit or style for your ear.

Thus, if at all possible, we’d suggest that you go to a physical shop and have a look at earbuds and possibly try them out in order to get the ones that may suit you best. However, if this is not possible, it can be an inconvenience, but buying from an online store with a good return and exchange policy is going to be the next best thing.

Furthermore, when you're looking for cheap AirPod alternatives, it would be wise to make sure that they are supplied with a good amount of different sized ear tips. By doing this, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a set of Bluetooth earbuds that are comfortable and are going to stay in your ears regardless of activities done while using them.

Ultimately, of the 3 cheap AirPod alternatives in 2020 that we recommend in this article, you will find that the Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth earbuds have the most different earbud tips supplied. What's also interesting here and is worth mentioning is that they are also the cheapest of the 3 sets suggested.

Best AirPod Alternatives with Microphone

Bluetooth earbuds that are being used for taking calls handsfree, quite often seem to get inconsistent feedback about how well they function. Oftentimes, it would seem that the mic is not sensitive enough to pick up your voice and will allow a lot of background noise through.

Of course, this comes down to checking out Bluetooth earbuds brand by brand to see how they perform.

All of the low-priced Bluetooth AirPods, we have selected, will work as hands-free devices for taking mobile calls, when you are on the go.

Nonetheless, there is a clear standout, if you're looking for Bluetooth earbuds that will be used a lot for taking calls. The Creative Outlier Air TWS Bluetooth Earbuds are the clear standout from the 3 cheap AirPod alternatives in 2020 that we have chosen.

The reason for putting the Creative Outlier ahead of the other 2 is that they have a dual-mic system that gives you more of a chance of having your voice heard clearly on a call.

AirPods Ear Size Issues

AirPods have always had size issues as they were made as a one-size-fits-all, which as mentioned earlier, does not always work for everybody. Apple has attempted to rectify the issue with its new AirPods Pro. These do provide some extra ear tips as well, which will help some people, but the underlying issue with the shape looks to still be evident.

At least for the price Apple asks, they have thrown in some extra tips to try and help with comfort. Although Apple has upgraded its AirPods to the newer AirPods Pro, for the cost there are still heaps of different wireless earbuds that you can choose from that would do the job just as well if not better.

In our opinion, if you have smaller or sensitive ears, there are a lot of better choices, when it comes to wireless earbuds.

Besides, you are going to get a product of equal quality if not better for much less money. Not that we are saying, by any means, that the AirPods are no good, just that they don’t suit everyone.

A Few Quick Reasons on Apple AirPods and Why They May Not Fit Your Ears

AirPods will not fit in all ears, as there is no way to adjust them because they are made based on one-size-fits-all.

AirPods more often than not will not fit small ears as they will simply be too large, and therefore not a good choice for small ears.

Apple AirPods can constantly fall out of your ears due to the design. They would only stay well in the ear if you're lucky enough to have the correct shaped ear for them.

When it comes to AirPods falling out easily, more often than not this problem appears due to people's ears not being the correct size.

Here are 3 Cheap AirPod Alternatives in 2020 that May Be the Best

All things aside, there are so many factors to take into account, when you want a set of earbuds. By providing you with 3 of the best cheaper alternatives, you should be able to find a great alternative to AirPods.

And, not only that! If you are on a budget, you should be able to save a considerable amount of cash as well.

Defined below, are our 3 cheap AirPod alternatives for 2020. We have also added some info about each of the true wireless earbuds. If you require more information about a particular earbud, you will be able to find it on our product pages.

1 JBuds Air Bluetooth Earbuds By Jlab

The JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds have everything you would expect from a quality Bluetooth earbud and more. This one is a pretty stable all-round Bluetooth earbud that is going to perform well and keep the music pumping.

Some Outstanding Features of the Jbuds Air

  • Fast pairing and instant setup
  • 24+ hours of high-quality sound
  • Charging on the go
  • Snug fit memory foam ear tips

2. Creative Outlier Air TWS True Wireless Sweat proof Earbuds

Here, you have a set of quality Bluetooth earbuds that have pretty much everything that you would expect from a high-end product. The only thing that is missing is the price tag. If you want to know more about these earbuds, click here and check out our review.

Some Outstanding Features of the Creative Outlier

  • Stunning 30 hours of battery life
  • Graphene-powered audio excellence
  • Dual voice calls and controls
  • Smart assistant


3. Enacfire E18 Plus Wireless Earbuds

Last on the list, but still, an awesome set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds from Enacfire are the E18 Plus Bluetooth earbuds. These are the cheapest on the list, but don’t let that deter you. What you get for the price is really a product that is value for money.

The sound quality is pretty fantastic, given how cheap they are. The bass is not as strong as maybe the other 2 that we chose, but they are still a solid set of Earbuds.

Some Outstanding Features of the Enacfire E18 Plus


  • One-step pairing
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Up to 40 hours of playtime
  • Noise Cancellation

Conclusion, 3 Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds that are Truly Wireless

There you have it! 3 cheap AirPod alternatives in 2020. One of these 3 awesome wireless earbuds will be able to give you great sound for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Check them all out and see for yourself what is unique about each one of them.

Also, remember, they are all under $100, so you are looking at some cool quality earbuds that are competitively-priced as well.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all the other informative information right here at The Best Portable Speakers.

Cheap Earbuds that are Airpod Alternatives
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