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It’s been put together to assist you in making an informed and well-researched decision so that you make a purchase of a wireless speaker that's going to be the best option to suit your circumstances.

We have kept wireless speaker and earbud options to an absolute minimum while still displaying a good range to suit all budgets.

Our Blog covers some of our Bluetooth speaker range as well as our true wireless Bluetooth earbud range. We also have countless different articles that portray which Bluetooth speaker may be better for a particular use or environment. The same goes for our wireless earbud range as well.
We understand that a wireless speaker or any Bluetooth device that you would listen to music on needs to sound fantastic and last for a reasonable amount of time. That being said, our goal is to help you find the best Bluetooth speaker for the environment, which you are going to use it.

There's not much point to having a speaker that is loud and sounds remarkable, if it’s used near water but isn’t waterproof.

Also, there can be a speaker that may work better inside and another speaker that performs a lot better outdoors.

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